Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fireplace crackle without the fireplace... Timberwick Fireplace Crackle Soy Candles!

Ahhhhh, nothing like the distinctive crackle of a nice log on the fireplace. Now you can get that same soothing fall feeling with Timberwick Fireplace Crackle Soy Candles!

Fireplace crackle without the fireplace! Add new ambiance to your treatment rooms, relaxation areas or reception desk. Elegant frosted glass contains petroleum-free soy wax and natural wooden wick.

Choose from 3 pleasant fragrances:
  1. Honey Spice: Comforting blend of honey, anise, clove and a touch of lemon.
  2. Amber and Cedar: Sultry amber combined with woodsy cedarwood and fruity currant.
  3. Lavender Citrus: Calming lavender and purple violet are blended with a touch of warm vanilla and fresh citrus.
Check 'em Out Here:

There is even a "Try Me" pack of all 3!:

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