Monday, October 31, 2011

Healthier, Safer Alternative to UV Tanning: Spray Tanning Can Boost Your Confidence and Your Profits

On October 25, 2011, the LA Times reported that a new study indicates that "For every four visits per year to a tanning booth, risk for basal and squamous cell carcinoma jumped 15% and risk for melanoma rose 11%." Wow. That's a scary thought. A tan makes you look slimmer, healthier, and boosts your confidence. But is it worth the increased cancer risk?

There is always another that is safe, effective, and
can be a huge profit center for your tanning or salon business. Sunless tanning! Sunless tanning has come a long way from the orange, streaky "fake tan" it was when it was first developed. Now, you can offer your clients a safe way to remain tan all year round, and even offer various shades and darknesses to keep even your most discriminating clients happy!

By offering the Pure Sunless Tanning Solutions and Extended Vacation Tanning Products, you open up many new avenues of profit for your company, while offering your clients a safe, affordable alternative to UV tanning! With treatment costs as low as $2 (using Tahitian Tea or Premium tanning solution), your potential profit from 1 gallon of tanning solution could be $1,650 or more! If you sell just 25 Extended Vacation Tan Extenders per week, your total profit from that product alone is $14,400!

Not only is sunless tanning a smarter choice for your clients, it is a smarter choice for your business as well!

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