Thursday, September 15, 2011

"One Size Fits All" - The Misconception About Spa and Salon Apparel

Whether you are a salon owner, a spa owner or an independent contractor, the one aspect of working in the beauty industry that unites all of you is that the essence of what you do is ensuring the comfort of your client. You make sure that the surroundings are attractive, smell good, feel comfortable and invite your clients to relax and enjoy their treatment or service.

You have done everything possible to make sure that your client is content, but the one hitch you may not have even thought of is that your spa or salon apparel does not fit all of your clients.

I can speak from personal experience about how mortifying it is to go for a treatment, only to find that the the cape, slippers, robe or wrap does not fit. Emotions go from excited and enthusiastic to dread and embarrassment. I cannot wait for the service to just be over and done with.

Whether it is due to personal choices, health issues, or any other reasons for that matter, the fact is that we do not live in a world of "One Size Fits All." Instead, One Size Fits Most, and for the sake of your clients, business and brand, you cannot forget those who are not included.

The size and shape of your standard clientele can help you determine what sizes you will need to have available. If you have a client base that is mainly athletic or toned, it would be good to have a few backup XXL Capes, Robes and Wraps. If your clients are already the Average American size (16) or larger, you can reverse your sizes and have mainly XXL-4XL and keep a few One Size Fits Most items available. Boca Terry has a plethora of robes in these sizes!

Another aspect to consider is height, as clients can range from under 5 feet to over 6 feet. A robe or wrap that would fit the average American can dwarf or smother someone of a smaller stature, making him or her feel uncomfortable as well. A great option available from Boca Terry are the Kimono Robes, which are a full 4 inches shorter than the rest of their selection.

Client satisfaction is the driving force behind succesful businesses in the beauty industry. That success is created by making sure that you client are comfortable in ALL areas possible. What have you found can help put your clients at ease?

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