Friday, September 23, 2011

New EXTRA-THICK Pedicure Slippers Make Feet Happy!

Offering your clients disposable slippers to wear for their pedicure is a smart business move. In the clients' eye, your business values their clients and their clients' comfort. By offering our new EXTRA-THICK Pedicure Slippers, your clients will never want to go anywhere else!

These new slippers truly bring style, elegance, and comfort to your salon. These slippers are 4 times as thick as traditional disposable pedicure slippers, so your clients can comfortably walk out of the salon and head home without having to put their socks back on and risk smudging their toes! Lined in soft fabric, these slippers do not feel like the usual disposable pedicure slipper, and they feature a non-slip sole to set your mind at ease!

At $0.97 per pair, these slippers are economical enough to offer quality and comfort to every client without compromising your bottom line. Available in both black and beige to match most spa apparel.

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