Monday, August 29, 2011

The Perfect Spray Tan for Pale Skin

Creating a natural looking, almond glow on alabaster skin used to be a challenge. Pure Spa Direct offers a specialized collection of professional tanning mists that impart realistic, sun-tanned tones on all fair skin types. We worked tirelessly to find a range of products that didn't impart just the look of a spray tan, but products that actually created the illusion of a naturally olive-based skin tone. Most clients prefer a tan that looks natural, but still imparts a deep warmth to the skin... almost like they were born in the Mediterranean.

Tahitian Tea Tan Mist
Creates a truly BROWN tan.
So what are your best choices for tanning your fair skinned clients? Three of our five formulas are ideal for fair skin. I will break down the difference between each of these three to help you find the right fit for your fair-skinned client base.

Professional Tan Mists - Best Bets for Pale Skin:
How to Decide Between our 3 Solutions for the Fairest clients

1) Tahitian Tea Tanning Mist (#1 Best seller): Think BROWN as a coffee bean. On some, it almost develops into a toasty, cinnamon color that warms up fair skin beautifully. This formula contains no red, orange or other color effects... Tahitian Tea is a straight up, natural shade of brown that works very well on all clients, but is particularly popular with younger clients. (Premium Tanning Mist is better for your clients ages 40+ - keep reading.)

Premium Tanning Mist
Great for brightening
Dull & tired fair skin types
With copper tones.
2) Premium Tanning Mist. Think - COPPER, a radiant new penny; a bronzed tan with an flushed, rosy glow. Premium Tanning Mist has more dimension, more hues than just the baked-in-brown of Tahitian Tea - Premium has more character! Too much brown against mature skin can look aging and dull. Plus, the radiant hues of copper and bronze in Premium's formula create a rejuvenating effect to the skin's appearance that gains compliments and confidence! It gets noticed!

Moroccan Mineral Tan Mist
Creates the appearance of a
Deep, medium skin tone.

3) Moroccan Mineral Mist. Think - GOLDEN almond glow. Hues of bronze, honey and sunlight are woven into this exotic formula to make for a luminous tan that resembles a true olive skin tone. Moroccan Mineral Mist's nutrient rich formula was designed to enhance the skin's beauty while giving it a sumptuous, tan effect that looks superb on all skin types and ages.

Professional Tips:
Your Equipment:
All of our tanning formulas are RICH with Lipids, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, humectants, Peptides, plant oils, and botanical extracts for the ultimate and most luxurious tanning experience possible. This makes each formula THICKER and richer than industry standard formulas. You must have professional spray tanning equipment with a pressure regulator to atomize them properly. All our solutions experience their PEAK performance when sprayed thorugh an HVLP unit and gun. If you plan on expanding your spa menu to offer professional spray tanning, invest in a good unit that will go the distance with your business. We recommend the TC3 Tanning Center with the T5020 Gun. We also offer bundles for businesses here: This unit sprays all 5 of our tanning mists like a dream!

Your Technician:
Your technician should be well practiced in his/her technique and well educated in the Do's and Don'ts of Airbrush tanning. Technicians are responsible for properly educating your clientele on how to effectively prepare and care for their sunless spray tan so that they remain happy, loyal clients. You can use the best tanning solution in the world, but if your technician is not well practiced and educated, your spray tanning business could be in jeopardy.

Your Client
What a client does before or after a spray tan can be critical to its final results. Not properly preparing for their sunless service or improperly maintaining their sunless tan after their appointment can cause poor results. Offer your clients retail products that were specifically developed to keep their sunless tan looking beautiful and bright. Daily moisturization and occasional gentle exfoliation are essential to keeping an airbrushed tan looking flawless. Pure Spa Direct offers FREE Tanning Tip Sheets with your order. You should hand these attractive sheets out to your clients at the time of booking / service.

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