Friday, June 10, 2011

Client Favorites; Facial Masks that Make a Difference!

Get soft, flawless skin in just minutes, without the risks and cost of an invasive procedure, with POURELLE COSMETICS MASKS. The years you spent damaging your skin can take just minutes to erase, with one of POURELLE COSMETICS Facial or Body Masks!

The POURELLE COSMETICS product line combines rigorously selected ingredients and healing proporties that encourage the action of it's different components. Each mask is carefully formulated to target a specific skin problem. From Firming to Whitening, Pourelle has a Facial and Body Mask for everyone!

Using a POURELLE Mask will have your complexion looking clearer and younger in no time! The once visible signs of ageing and damage will disappear and be replaced with a youthful look and feel! Purelle Masks Rejuvenates your skin without the cost and risk of an invasive medical procedure! POURELLE Masks are the quick, inexpensive solution that gives your clients the results they want, at prices they can afford!

The 30 gram pre-measured, single use packets have a 2 year shelf life and should be stored in a clean dry place away from light and moisture at room temperature. This makes application and storing easy and convenient for you! The best part of the POURELLE Lab Masks is they are all 100% Hygenic, 100% Simple and 100% Effective! Clients GLOW HOME HAPPY!

Check our some of our most popular POURELLE Products:
Collagen Peel Off Mask
Botox®-Like Peel Off Mask
Cold Cryogenic Peel Off Mask
Collagen Eye Contour

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