Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luxor Citrus Collection Brushes Really Stand Up to the Heat!

As a stylist, I am sure you understand the hell you put your brushes through - continuous use, exposure to chemicals and heat...are you constantly looking for a brush that will hold up to your busiest day, while performing like a dream? Well, look no further than the Luxor Citrus Brush Collection! These brushes have ergonomic handles to make handling a breeze, and the handles are made of beautiful orange wood - not because it looks pretty (although this is certainly a bonus!), but because orange wood is extremely resistant to chemical damage.

The Citrus Collection Brushes are available with your choice of wood or ceramic barrels, so there is a brush available for everyone! The ceramic barrels help evenly distribute heat and adds luster and shine to every strand of hair. These brushes feature tufts of boar bristles reinforced with a single, longer nylon bristle nestled in the center of each tuft. These nylon bristles penetrate the hair and massage the scalp, bringing the benefits of boar bristles to longer, thicker hair. These brushes grab my hair and allow me to artfully heat-style my hair, without ever getting tangled! I have other brushes, even some with boar/nylon bristles similar to this, but I always reach for my Citrus brushes!

Both the Wood Barrel and Ceramic Barrel Citrus brushes are available in Small (2"), Medium (2.5"), Large (2.75"), and X-Large (3.25"), so there is a Citrus brush available for all hair lengths and styles! We also offer an XXX-Large Vented Citrus brush which is a whopping 4.75" for those really long styles!

Your clients will love how you style their hair with the Citrus Collection brushes, so make sure to pick up some extras to retail, too!

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