Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Ahead and Mix Things Up a Bit

If you offer hair services, body or facial treatments, chemical treatments, or just create your latest lotions and such, there is one thing that is a necessity for every beauty service: the Mixing Bowl. A Mixing Bowl is essential for a variety of spa and salon services and the best mixing bowl to use is definitely one made of Rubber. From hair dye to body masks, a quality Mixing Bowl is an essential tool. Pure Spa Direct carries many Rubber Mixing Bowls, giving you a variety of Sizes and Rubber Mixing Bowls to choose from! My personal favorite is the Pink Rubber Mixing Bowl Bowl from uQ.

These non-porous and oil-resistant all-purpose Mixing Bowls are excellent for mixing skin care, essential oils, masques and more. All these factors make the Rubber Mixing Bowls the smart choice for any technician. The flexibility and easy grip material makes mixing your ingredients an easy task! Rubber Mixing Bowls are designed with you in mind! The shape of a Rubber Mixing Bowls is designed to prevent spillage, which prevents product waste and unnecessary clean up time. In addition, the non-stick surface ensures a quick and easy clean up so you can re-use them on your next client, no waiting for a dishwasher to clean these!

Just add your favorite ingredients into the Bowl and use a Spatula of your choice to mix them together. Here are some recommendations of different spatulas:

Rubber Spatula
Plastic Spoon Spatula
Angled Spatula
Stainless Steel Spatula
Bamboo Spatula

The Rubber Mixing Bowls has many different uses, so it is an essential product for every beauty technician. With all the colors and Sizes to choose from, there is a Rubber Mixing Bowl for every salon, spa and technician!

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