Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Searching for the Fountain of Youth? Try Pharmagel...Nature's Prescription for Radiant Skin!

Aren't we all searching for the fountain of youth? Or any skin care product for that matter, that actually helps fight the never-ending battle with aging skin? As I always mention, I have super (annoyingly) sensitive skin. Finding an anti-aging product that doesn't irritate me is not easy, so when I do, I feel the need to share!

PHARMAGEL , a premier manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade treatments, has an excellent line of skin care products for all clients, at any age! Celebrities, dignitaries, and people all over the world have been relying on PHARMAGEL for their skin care needs for over 20 years!

Why? PHARMAGEL products use the latest advances in skin care treatment, and are all specially formulated with anti-aging ingredients to slow the aging process and restore that youth we all long for! By combining pharmaceutical grade ingredients with vitamins & antioxidants, all products are designed to drastically improve the appearance and condition of the skin, while ensuring visible results. Other benefits to the line is that everything is hypoallergenic and will not clog pores, cause breakouts, or irritation. Additionally, all products are mineral oil and lanolin free.

Our dedication to you as professionals is to recommend products that are committed to quality...PHARMAGEL is one!

Spa Candles for Massage

A candle, a massage oil, and a moisturizer all in one. What am I talking about you ask? It can only be an Earthly Body Suntouched Candle! These candles smell amazing and come in a variety of scents. My personal favorite is the Skinny Dip.. These candles do not discriminate either - great for both men and women!... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Earthly Body Suntouched Candles HERE!

The Nail Trainer Kit by Essential Nails...

Listen up newbie nail techs... I have the absolute coolest looking thing to hit the shelves in a while. The Nail Trainer Kit by Essential Nails includes a robot-like hand that has all the joints as a human hand. The tips of the fingers even resemble real flesh!! Wouldn't you rather train on a fake hand than a human one?? I know I would... they don't complain! See our great Nail Trainer Kit HERE!

Ever been to Cloud 9?

Clients expect their massages to be of the highest quality, and the expect the same of atmosphere and it's components to be of the highest quality as well. Achieving the desired atmosphere your clients expect, is as simple as making a bed! You spend money on quality equipment for each of your treatment rooms, and now its time to add the finishing touches, to carry out that look and feel to your Treatment table. Using the the appropriate linens on your treatment table, will elevate each treatment to the level of it needs to be at. By following the steps below, your treatment table can have the finished appearance and elegance your clients will notice.

Step 1:
The first step to transforming your treatment bed into a haven is to heat things up with a Table Heating Pad. Pure Spa Direct offers a large variety of Table Heating Pads that will warm your clients up in no time!. To knock out 2 birds with one stone, try one of our super fluffy and cozyFleece Table Heating Pads. Without a doubt anyone of these will ensure a heavenly treatment bed that will have your clients eagerly waiting for the incredible massage to come.
Step 2:
Depending on which Table Warmer you choose, this step may not apply. If you choose a Fleece Table Heating Pad, then there is no need for a Fleece Table Pad, but if you choose a Table Heating Pad, without fleece, then I would strongly recommend one of our super-comfy Fleece Pads. A comfortable bed is key to the client's overall experience, so a Fleece Table Pad is the perfect start to the perfect massage.

Step 3:
The next step to the perfect treatment table is a clean, soft, durable Fitted Sheet. There are many options to choose from, some of the most popular options are the Flannel Fitted Sheets, Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets, and the Cotton Terry Fitted Sheets. At Pure Spa Direct you can find dozens of colors and materials to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit to meet your desired look and feel. Pure Spa Direct offers many Sheets; that are specifically made for Spa Treatments, your clients will surely benefit from the comfort of the perfect Table Sheet, and so will you!

Step 4:
The next step to is finding a soft, light-weight Top / Flat Sheet or Drape Sheet. When choosing which Flat Sheets you want, there are a some key factors to keep in mind. Since the Top / Flat Sheet will have direct contact with the client while they lay down in the treatment bed, comfort and softness should definitely play a role in your decision. You also want to think about purchasing one of our Sheet Sets that include a Flat, Fitted Sheet and a Face Rest Cover. This way you will have a consistent Set of Linens that includes everything you need.

Step 5:
The perfect Table Topper / Blanket, is the what brings everything together! If you really want to give your clients an unforgettable treatment try one of Pure Spa Direct's Table Topper / Blanket. Choose from our wide range of choices, such as Polar Fleece, Waffle Weave, Quilted, in colors ranging from Green Tea,White to Chocolate. The possibilities are endless, so you will have no trouble finding a Blanket / Table Topper that suites your style. My personal favorite combination of Table Toppers / Blankets is the Cotton Blanket with a cozy Fleece Blanket to over, to top it off!

Step 6:
the final step to complete your perfect treatment table, is adding the perfect Face Rest Cover! Pure Spa Direct offers many Face Rest Covers's to choose from, so you can provide the perfect place for clients to Rest Their Head and drift away!

Now that you have read all the steps needed to create the bed of your clients dreams, you can confidently add the finishing touches to carry out the look and feel of your treatment room! You spend money on quality equipment for each room and having the perfect treatment table will only elevate each treatment you provide and have your clients dreaming about there next visit!!

Check out some of our most popular Table Cover Kits:
Table Cover Kits
Table Covers's

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mud, Mud and Moor Mud - Part 2!!

So next up in our Mud Series is the namesake of this blog - Hungarian Moor Wellness Mud. This particular mud has a plethora of features that separate it from the rest of the pack including the fact it is one of the oldest spa treatments ever recorded and has been used in European spas since the 1800s.

Here is a little back history on the Hungarian Moor Mud: Praised and worshiped for its detoxifying effects for over 2000 years(!), Moor mud is actually Peat Moss from the bogs of Eastern Europe. Unlike other muds that are largely comprised of clay and sand, Moor mud is almost entirely made of residual herbs, flowers and grasses from 10,000 years ago. Rather than decaying, those organic products worked together to create a super-powered paste chock-filled with humic acids, fulvic acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids.

Science lessons are fun and all, but what does this mean for you and your clients? By implementing Moor Mud into your services, you can offer you clients one of the oldest, yet most advanced treatments to help with cellulite, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, detoxification and muscular relaxation. Due to its composition, Moor Mud can be used not only as a wrap treatment but also in hydrotherapy baths. Because it contains the least amount of clay in comparison to all other mud treatments, you do not have to worry about Moor mud clogging your drains because it dissolves completely. Add Hungarian Wellness Moor Mud to your treatment menu today!

*Insider Tip* Since Moor Mud is not the nicest smelling product you can put on your clients, I recommend adding a few drops of essential oil to make the experience more pleasant. Since Moor Mud is earthy by nature, I recommend using an earthy/woodsy essential oil as well, such as Pine Essential Oil or Frankincense Essential Oil.

Old School Cool, Part 2 - Soapstone Aromatherapy Diffusers

Welcome back to the second installment of our "Old School Cool" series! Doug previously praised the "Old School Cool" of the Traditional Ayurvedic Massage Oil Warmer. Today, let's see how cool Soapstone Diffusers are!

Soapstone Diffusers are the perfect addition to any treatment room, and adding one won't take up another plug! In this high-tech, digital age, we seem to think everything is better if it plugs in. The more I learn about aromatherapy and about the benefits our bodies and minds reap from essential oils, the more I wonder....should we be using something we plug into a wall to diffuse essential oils? Well, if you wonder the same thing, its time to go old school cool with these beautiful, hand-carved Soapstone Diffusers! Instead of having a diffuser that looks like a piece of equipment, use a diffuser that looks like a piece of art in your treatment room!

Available in varying designs, these diffusers are hand-carved in India and are made of soapstone, which is a solidified form of talc, and is rich in magnesium. These eye-catching pieces are so easy to use, simply fill the bowl with hot water, add 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil, and light the tealight underneath! Within minutes your space will be filled with your favorite scent, and your client will be marveling at the beauty of your diffuser!

Go Ahead and Mix Things Up a Bit

If you offer hair services, body or facial treatments, chemical treatments, or just create your latest lotions and such, there is one thing that is a necessity for every beauty service: the Mixing Bowl. A Mixing Bowl is essential for a variety of spa and salon services and the best mixing bowl to use is definitely one made of Rubber. From hair dye to body masks, a quality Mixing Bowl is an essential tool. Pure Spa Direct carries many Rubber Mixing Bowls, giving you a variety of Sizes and Rubber Mixing Bowls to choose from! My personal favorite is the Pink Rubber Mixing Bowl Bowl from uQ.

These non-porous and oil-resistant all-purpose Mixing Bowls are excellent for mixing skin care, essential oils, masques and more. All these factors make the Rubber Mixing Bowls the smart choice for any technician. The flexibility and easy grip material makes mixing your ingredients an easy task! Rubber Mixing Bowls are designed with you in mind! The shape of a Rubber Mixing Bowls is designed to prevent spillage, which prevents product waste and unnecessary clean up time. In addition, the non-stick surface ensures a quick and easy clean up so you can re-use them on your next client, no waiting for a dishwasher to clean these!

Just add your favorite ingredients into the Bowl and use a Spatula of your choice to mix them together. Here are some recommendations of different spatulas:

Rubber Spatula
Plastic Spoon Spatula
Angled Spatula
Stainless Steel Spatula
Bamboo Spatula

The Rubber Mixing Bowls has many different uses, so it is an essential product for every beauty technician. With all the colors and Sizes to choose from, there is a Rubber Mixing Bowl for every salon, spa and technician!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Escape to Rio with Gelish's New NEON Collection!

Something's getting hot this season, and it’s not just the weather! Nail Harmony is bringing the heat to their Gelish Line with the launch of the new ‘Living in Rio’ collection. Due out this June, are 6 new bright and exciting neon colors:

Colors Include:
  • Oh My Yelo Banana
  • Ooba Ooba Blue
  • Amazon Flirt
  • Carnaval Hangover
  • Shake it till you Samba

It's a festival of polishes! Based on the Brazilian theme, the colors are bursting brighter than Carnaval dancer's tail feathers. They will be a huge hit this summer... guaranteed!

With the launch of these new colors, Nail Harmony’s Gelish line will now contain 78, no-chip, no-smudge, long-lasting gel polishes! Technicians, you now have the opportunity to recreate, mix, and blend even more colors than ever before. Get creative! Layer colors, fade the color, or create any design your clients choose.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Slimming Tummy Masks...

It must be bikini season somewhere. I have never seen so many of these slimming tummy masks cross my eyes that I'm almost tempted to try one! If your clients are body conscious, I can see how this would be a great spa service to help them beat the bloat! It's also paraben free... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Slimming Tummy Masks HERE!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get the Neck Outta Here!

One of the most neglected areas on our bodies is the neck. We are all so diligent to ensure that our faces, hands, arms, legs and feet are moisturized, but the neck area is one part that we usually let fend for itself. Necks have become the latest obsession among all of the ladies here at Pure Spa - Once an ignored part of the body, now we are desperate to get rid of the lines, wrinkling and dry spots caused by our lack of attention.

If we are experiencing these insecurities, there is no doubt that your clients are experiencing them as well. Plus, not only is the neck left out during the mosturization process at home, but I have also been hard-pressed to find neck services offered at the spas and salons I have either visited or researched. You can stand out from the crowd by offering the Neck Lift Collagen Crystal Mask as either an add-on service, or the focal point of a facial devoted to the neck.

Formulated with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, this Paraben-Free mask is ultra-hydrating AND free of the preservatives, which so many clients are now wary of. Add this essential service to your treatment menu today!

Don't be Blue, Be Cobalt Blue!

Cobalt Blue Bottles are perfect in every way! These Professional Bottles are so convenient and trendy and are the perfect little addition to your spa or salon. With a variety of Shapes and Sizes to choose from, the usage possibilities are endless!

These Classic Bottles can be used to store your Custom Creations or keep your favorite products stored right by your side. Your latest Aromatherapy creations will be even more exciting than before when you use these pretty Professional Bottles to store them in. The light-sensitive protection will beautifully and safely protect your products. Create custom Lotions, Creams, Soaps, and Oils while preventing cross-contamination.

You can use these Bottles to store your latest secret solution and retail them to your clients, or just retail the bottles as is! Let your clients experience your latest creation by storing them in these beautiful Bottles among your spa or salon. These beautiful Cobalt Jars make unforgettable custom retail, excellent gifts with purchase, or creative storage for a blending bar.

Remove all the Blue in your life and replace it with the creativity and fun that Cobalt Blue offers!

A Spa that had me at Hello!

This past weekend, I had a spa experience that has blown all previous experiences away! Why? Upon welcoming me into the already gorgeous and serene spa, they handed me something no other spa has done to me before...Cool Treats -- Iced Eucalyptus Spa Towels. They are so refreshing, and will be a huge hit amongst all of your clients during the spring and summer months.

Eucalyptus is a popular choice, because of its wide range of benefits. When used in a spa setting it can be used to clean and sanitize, because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Have your clients use these Iced Eucalyptus Towels to clean their hands, rub their face, cool their neck, and breathe in to help decongest, especially during a terrible allergy season. Adding this powerful essential oil to the iced towels can be used to stimulate, purify, refresh, and clear the mind before starting any spa service.
What you Need?

Pour some water into one stainless steel bowl, and add in 8-10 drops of your favorite Eucalyptus Essential Oil. (Hint: Use 1-2 drops of essential oil per towel). Dip and drench each towel into the bowl, wring it out, roll it,and transfer it to a clean bowl. Lastly, pour crushed iced or ice chips over the towels..... and there you have a nice spa treat!

I was so impressed how something so simple & economical can lead to a more memorable, enjoyable, and therapeutic experience. I know I will be back vising that spa again!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luxor Citrus Collection Brushes Really Stand Up to the Heat!

As a stylist, I am sure you understand the hell you put your brushes through - continuous use, exposure to chemicals and heat...are you constantly looking for a brush that will hold up to your busiest day, while performing like a dream? Well, look no further than the Luxor Citrus Brush Collection! These brushes have ergonomic handles to make handling a breeze, and the handles are made of beautiful orange wood - not because it looks pretty (although this is certainly a bonus!), but because orange wood is extremely resistant to chemical damage.

The Citrus Collection Brushes are available with your choice of wood or ceramic barrels, so there is a brush available for everyone! The ceramic barrels help evenly distribute heat and adds luster and shine to every strand of hair. These brushes feature tufts of boar bristles reinforced with a single, longer nylon bristle nestled in the center of each tuft. These nylon bristles penetrate the hair and massage the scalp, bringing the benefits of boar bristles to longer, thicker hair. These brushes grab my hair and allow me to artfully heat-style my hair, without ever getting tangled! I have other brushes, even some with boar/nylon bristles similar to this, but I always reach for my Citrus brushes!

Both the Wood Barrel and Ceramic Barrel Citrus brushes are available in Small (2"), Medium (2.5"), Large (2.75"), and X-Large (3.25"), so there is a Citrus brush available for all hair lengths and styles! We also offer an XXX-Large Vented Citrus brush which is a whopping 4.75" for those really long styles!

Your clients will love how you style their hair with the Citrus Collection brushes, so make sure to pick up some extras to retail, too!

Friday, May 13, 2011

No Tip-Toeing around this Pedicure Season with Encore Foam Toe Separators!

Be colorful this Pedicure season with the Encore Foam Toe Separators / Mixed Colors / 720 Pair Mega Case. Clients like to feel appreciated, especially when their salon goes the extra mile to make them feel comfortable. Adding toe separators to your pedicure service is an easy and affordable way to step up your pedicure service. These comfortable foam spacers can be used to separate toes during pedicures to keep polish from smearing. They are sanitary and easy-to-use, making flawless pedicures a breeze!

The high quality, Encore Foam Toe Separators, are made from high density foam for a soft, comfortable, and easy fit. They come in a mega case of 720 pairs, and each pair conveniently comes individually wrapped! The assorted pack is mixed with 6 bold, bright, and fun colors including green, yellow, orange, pink, rose, and blue. At the end of the spa pedicure, they can be given to the customer for at-home treatments.

For the first time ever, Pure Spa Direct has the Encore Foam Toe Separators / Mixed Colors / 720 Pair Mega Case on special for the entire month of May. Purchase the entire case for only $51.96, making them only $0.07 a pair!

The Stone Age

We are all familiar with the hot stone massage, but not everyone is familiar with the numerous other ways stones can be incorporated into a massage. Basalt Stones are the perfect addition to any massage! The benefits that Basalt Stones will add to a massage experience are undeniable!

With multiple ways to use the Basalt Stone and countless benefits it brings to the mind and body, there is no question your clients will thank you for incorporating this inexpensive addition to their massage!

The Large Basalt Stone is most effective when direct pressure of the stone is applied to the areas where the client has a lot of dense muscle, such as the pectorals, thighs and arms, as well as high energy or high stress regions of the body. Basalt Stones are essential to the healing and stimulation of damaged or weary muscle and tissue. As a massage therapist, Basalt Stones will give you the ability to deliver a deep, penetrating warmth to the musculature of the lower back and upper sacral region, providing your clients with instant comfort and relief. For the best results, the flat of the Basalt Stone should be used for effleurage and petrissage and for deep tissue work the edges of the stone should be used.

The use of a Single Basalt Stone is not only beneficial to the body but beneficial to the mind as well! Basalt Stones are known to enhance relaxation, harmony and rejuvenation. They are said to alleviate stress and negative energy.

Basalt Stones have an amazing ability to retain heat and can be heated several different ways. My favorite is by heating the stone by running it under hot water and then wrapping it a heated towel. I also love to use my stone warmer and never do I go with out my Stone Warming Pouch, no matter how I heat my stone!

What's Anti-Aging, Nourishing and Blue All Over? The Blueberry Extract Crystal Eye Mask!

When it comes to the skin around my eyes, what I lack in wrinkles, unfortunately, I more than make up for in puffiness and dark circles. Genes, allergies, insomnia and stress all work together to dull my overall complexion and make me look haggard. The things that prevent me from looking anywhere near my best are not unique to me. You and your clients all suffer from the same exact issues. What I have done for myself and all Pure Spa Direct clients is test out all kinds of eye treatments and, I am happy to report that, I have found a fantastic temporary AND long term solution to tired and puffy eyes.

The Blueberry Extract Crystal Eye Mask is a triple threat to weary eyes in that it helps fight fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. The essence of blueberries, long renowned for their antioxidants and health benefits, has been shown to actually rebuild collagen matrixes in the skin, thus reducing sagging and wrinkles. This particular eye mask offers an extra punch by also being formulated with the always essential collagen. I have been using this mask consistently for over a week now, and not only have I noticed a difference, but so have my friends, family and coworkers! You can use the Blueberry Extract Crystal Eye Mask as an add-on for any services - From Facials to Pedicures! At just $8.95 per 5 pair, your cost per service is only $1.79. Try this mask out today - Your clients will appreciate it!

Mud, Mud, and Moor Mud: Part 1

So mud... its just dirt and water, right? Wrong! Some of the most intensive and effective treatments that you can offer include mud as THE main ingredient. In addition, treatments can vary based upon where a type of mud originates. To help you navigate the murky waters, so to speak, of the various kinds of muds Pure Spa Direct has available, we will be doing a weekly segment explaining the origin and benefits of a specific kind of mud.

The first type of mud up for discussion is Sedona Mud. Farmed from the Southwest United States, this mud is extremely rich in minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. The iron works to open the pores and draw out toxins all the while also softening the skin at the same time. A Sedona Mud Wrap is an excellent detox treatment, especially for those clients who are plagued dry skin. Repeated treatments can lead to softer, healthier and more vibrant skin.

My favorite of all the Sedona Mud options is the SPA PANTRY Sedona Mud Blend. Coming in either a 4 ounce size or a 1 gallon container, it arrives completely mixed and ready to be applied to your clients. Simply paint it on with a body brush and allow it to dry. To prolong the treatment, thus making it more effective, spray a fine mist of water onto your clients' skin about 15-20 after original application. After about 30-40 minutes total, rinse your client off in a shower or with warm towels.
*INSIDER TIP* To customize the treatment, add your own blend of essential oils to the mud mixture. Between the lovely scent and your signature effort, it will surely be a treatment your client whill not soon forget.

CLICK HERE to see the Sedona Muds.

CLICK HERE to see Body Brushes.

CLICK HERE to see Essential Oils.

Take a Trip to Aromaland!

Cant seem to find a product line that carries all the products you need? Tired of ordering from multiple companies just to get your basic supplies? Well, let the inconsistency of the products you carry disappear with Aromaland! Aromaland offers a wide varity of Aromatherapy & Body Care products, that suit the needs of you and your clients.

Aromaland has a variety of products and scents to choose from, so that you don't have to look anywhere else to find what you need. Thier high quality, natural products include Shampoos, Conditioners, Bath and Shower Gels, Hand and Body Lotions, Bath Salts, Massage oils, Massage Creams, Massage Lotions and a variety of Aromatherapy products. All of their products come in a variety of unique, soothing scents, leaving no one's favorite out. Choose from any one of these invigorating and revitalizing scents: Lavender, Rosemary & Mint, Tea Tee and Lemon, Jasmine & Clementine, Ylang Ylang & Ginger, Lemongrass & Sage. If none of these scents appeal to you, you can always go with unscented! Along with all the convenient size and fragrence options, all of Aromaland's products contain are paraben, synthetic fragrance and sodium lauryl sulfate FREE!

Not only does Aromaland offer a full line of products and scents, they also have a selection of sizes to choose from! Relieve yourself from the stress of worrying if you are going to receive your products in time before you run out with Aromalands bulk sizes. Aromaland's personal care products are safe, effective and economical. All of their products come in 1 gallon sizes and only use aromas that are 100% natural! Aromaland even carries products in 55 Gallon Drums! And just in case the 55 Gallon Drum isn't large enough for your needs, you can always go with their 225 Gallon Tote!

With all these options available, Aromaland should be your only option!

Makeover Your Space on a Budget!

If you are anything like me, you probably get an itch to redecorate as the weather turns warmer. Out with the old, in with the new, and all that jazz. But, again if you are like me, you probably do not have an unlimited decorating budget for your spa. So how can you spruce up your space without breaking the bank? Pure Spa Direct to the rescue! We recently added a number of budget-friendly amenities that will make your spa look like new while sticking to your budget!

My favorite items we added recently are perfect for a spring pick-me-up: beautiful artifical flowers, plants, and trees! Spring is all about flowers, but it is so hard to keep fresh flowers, well, fresh in your spa. Our new collection includes a gorgeous lily arrangement in a vase, tulips perfect for spring, and more! For our Eastern-Inspired spaces, we even offer a 6-ft bamboo tree!

With so many varieties of flowers, plants, and trees, you can brighten up every room in your spa. If you already have trees you love in your location, but want to give them a makeover, check out the new planters we added. Simply changing the container will make them look like a whole new plant!

So, while you are doing your spring cleaning, be sure to check out Pure Spa Direct for our many products available to spruce up your space!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative

Our shipping department has noticed sweet and delicious aromas in the air lately.  We have been shipping lots of ECO-FIN Paraffin alternative to spas and this stuff smells terrific!  The Raspberry Grapefruit and Chocolate Essence are my favorites.  Though I have never been lucky enough to use Eco-Fin (yet), I can easily see why spas love this product. They come packaged in these cool and convenient little ice cube trays with several different flavors that smell so darn good!  The Customer Service team tells me this is a must buy for the paraffin people... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Eco-Fin selection HERE!

Friday, May 6, 2011

NEWS FLASH! May Specials are HERE!

Just in time to welcome spring, Pure Spa Direct's May Specials!
Stock up and Save Today!

Introducing the newest addition to the Wet Brush Family - the DIVA GLIDE Brushes! The same benefits provided by the Wet Brush, in new, beautiful EXOTIC colors! 20% off, all month long!

Getting ready for the beach? Stock up on Millenia Wax, perfect for all your beach waxing! At an unbeatable price of $17.56 - buy more and save!

Welcome pedicure season! Separate all those toes in style with the Encore Foam Toe Separators in a case of 720 pair. At $51.96, that is just $0.07 per pair - unbeatable!

Add a new signature facial to your menu with this Hot Stone Facial Massage Kit by Amber Products and save!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Krazy for Keratin!

Brazilian Straightening and Keratin treatments are all the craze in the Hair Salon world these days! Many clients desire the service, but are skeptical over the high cost of the salon treatment. For those clients that are looking for more affordable alternatives, Pure Spa Direct carries products that you can retail to your clients for use at home.

I recently tried the One 'n Only - Brazilian Tech Keratin product line and instantly fell in love. I've been using the three products for a while now, and even my colorist commented on the softness of my hair.

What is it?
This professional hair care line was developed containing keratin that helps protect hair against structural damage; strengthens and repairs; enhances shine, smoothness and moisture; and improves texture and condition. This prescriptive hair care line is designed for various hair types, textures and conditions.

How does it work?
Natural keratin bonds to the hair’s surface penetrating the cuticle into the cortex. The One 'n Only - Brazilian Tech Keratin system helps replenish the hair’s natural keratin, which may be lost or damaged during the chemical/color process. Recommended for use after any chemical service, or for those who are exposed to the daily damage of heat-styling appliances, to keep hair smooth, shiny and nourished.

Why I recommend it?
Gives an idea of what the results would be like to use a Keratin treatment. This treatment also has wheat proteins for added strength and moisturizing oils like jojoba, grape and macadamia, plus shea butter and honey for soft, supple, shiny hair. Clients will be hooked on what Keratin can do for their hair and, hey, they may even come back for the professional treatment.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome Clients In Style!

Our main focus here at Pure Spa is all about excellent, unique, and cost-effective products that you can implement in your treatments so as to best serve your clientele. But what about getting them through the door of your establishment? How can a new business easily and inexpensively make it known that they are open for business?

Fortunately, we have several eye-catching marketing materials to tempt the masses into your salon or spa. We currently offer 2 gorgeous LED lights that crisply displays what services you offer. The first is the Nails Led Sign by Fantasea. This sign has 2 attractive animated modes and a sturdy metal cord for hanging. A second LED light that we offer is the Nails, Spa, Facial, Waxing Led Sign by Fantasea. This also has 2 attractive animated modes, and will easily catch the attention and curiosity of passersby.

Another option, if you have large windows, is to invest in a spa mural. Recently, while driving on a busy industrial road, large pictures of what looked like a tropical oasis in an average shopping center came into my view. Curiosity piqued, I decided to make a pit stop and check it out. I am so glad I did because it was a gorgeous, clean and inviting spa. However, if those pictures were not displayed in the windows, I know I never would have thought to turn into that shopping center. We have a full assortment of Gulfstream murals that you can use both in your salon for your current clients, and facing out to entice new clients inside.