Thursday, April 7, 2011

What’s Hot? The Melting Pot by Spilo!

Melt away your waxing troubles with the The Melting Pot!
The Melting Pot by Spilo is an easy to use, professional wax warmer, that is highly effective, and very efficient for all your depilatory needs. With so many wax warmers, at all different prices, it's hard to choose one that you will enjoy working with… So this is why I always recommend The Melting Pot:

Key Benefits:
  • High customer satisfaction rate
  • Stylish design makes for a beautiful accessory to add to EVERY spa or salon
  • As wax or sugar warmer, it makes it easy to interchange between the two, for any desired service
  • Thermostatically-controlled heater with wide range of temperatures
  • On/off indicator lights, and will automatically shut off when reached desired temperature
  • Locking Lid & Safety handle
  • Can’t beat the price!

You may use The Melting Pot with any wax brand you choose. The most compatible wax?...Anything Cirepil! Check out this amazing and top selling wax line Here!

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