Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clients' Panties in a Bunch? Offer Them Disposable Apparel!

This past weekend, at the very last minute, I was asked to attend a wedding as a "Plus One" date for one of my good friends. And by last minute, I mean that I was called the night before the wedding. As part of my extra hurried attempt to get ready, I stopped at my tanning salon right after finishing all the necessary wedding errands. While I did have a canister of pre-tan SluffWipes handy in my car, I did not have time to get my swim suit from home before going to my spray tanning session. Before going into the room, I asked for a disposable bra, panties and sandals. To my surprise and disappointment, I was informed that they did not have any disposables available for me to use, or even purchase.

Since I did not feel comfortable receiving a spray tan in just my birthday suit, I had to skip the one treatment before the wedding that I was genuinely looking forward to and that I desperately needed! By not being prepared with supplies necessary to make their clients feel comfortable, this tanning salon has also lost my future business and referrals.

If you own a salon or spa that does not currently offer disposable garments, we can fix that today! At Pure Spa, we offer a huge range of disposable bras, panties, thongs, slippers, headbands, even scrunchies! Having disposable garments on hand allows you to offer modesty and comfort to your clients, whether the service you are offering is tanning, waxing, facials, massage, or even acupuncture services. Faithful clientele and referred business are earned not just with the treatments and products that are offered, but also with the hospitality that is displayed. Check out all of our disposables today!

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