Tuesday, August 7, 2007

SoHo Too Cool

Have you ever smelled a product so yummy you could eat it? Well this one takes the cake! This scrumptious hand & foot mask smells decadent. If you love sweet and buttery baked apples, meet your match.
Warning: Hunger pains may start to evolve. Don't do this on an empty stomach.

After doing the standard pedicure procedures (i.e. Soak, scrub, massage - with apple scented foot cream), it's time bask the client in sweet candy apple heaven! Start by mixing the Soho Oatmeal powder with the liquid Apple solution. After applying generously to feet & hands, it will harden right before your very eyes. Clients will begin to feel cool and more refreshed as the mask sets -- they won't want you to take it off. Peel off and proceed to shape & polish toe nails... candy apple red perhaps?

Pick some up for Fall pedicures:

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