Friday, August 24, 2007

A New Era of Spa Therapies Emerge

NEW to American Spas!
Vibrational Essences can delight spa-goer's emotions and invite positive change.

The LightBeings Vibrational Essence collection consists of 47 focused essences (also known as "energies") that help users to overcome life's hurdles and achieve their full potential through Vibrational influence.

Applying the essences synchronizes the aura with the Vibrational energy in the essence. This opens the user to change, emotional walls come down and resistance is released so spiritual healing and growth can begin.

Anyone seeking personal improvement and growth will be amazed at what unfolds - seekers find their answers from within. When LightBeings are incorporated with hands on services like massages, Acupuncture, hydrotherapy, body treatments, facials, reiki, hot stone massages (even manicures & pedicures), they can create a beautiful journey of loving restoration for the mind, body and soul.

LightBeings can also be sold retail in Day Spas and Wellness Centers. Simply anointing ourselves every morning with LightBeings Essences is both enjoyable and meditative. Users can begin each day centering their intentions with essences that will inspire them.

"Adding 2 or 3 different LightBeings Essences to my facial treatments creates a unique high for my clients - there is nothing else on the market like it, clients become very attached to feeling so good." - M.Horan, Licensed Esthetician, Syosset, NY

There are 47 differed themes of Vibrational Essences in these 4 categories:

Ascended Masters (Numbers 1-21)
To develop your abilities to your highest potential

Archangels (Numbers 22-30)
For insight, ease, joy and miracles

EarthAngels (Numbers 31-37)
For integrating us with Mother Nature

Special Essence Series (Numbers 38 - 47)
Special blends and theme-focussed energies

Select the the theme you need right now. Use only up to 3 LightBeings Essences at a time for at least 30 days.

LightBeings are imported from Germany and are available at for Spa Professionals - click here:


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