Friday, August 3, 2007

Close Shave...

I can't be sure, but I think most men are like me -- they hate to shave. The thought of dragging the blade across my face just brings up dread. It takes time, it hurts. Yep, I hate it. I've tried all sorts of products for sensitive skin, with aloe, with topical pain ingredients. No luck. Hate them. Hate, hate, hate. Did I say hate? Redness, blotches, and patches of unshaven hair on your face and neck.

The choices: 1) continue with the hate relationship, 2) forget it and look like Grizzly Adams, or 3) find something better. My razor already has 4 blades and an extra single blade for tricky areas. The handle vibrates like a billion times a minute from the battery inside. So I think I've maxed out on the hardware.

Finally I found the Grooming Lounge line of products. First I'll say that the phrase "line of products" kinda scares me... I like simple. I spoke to a Grooming Lounge expert and figured out what I needed was just 2 items from the line. 2 I can deal with:

Grooming Lounge Beard Shave Oil
Grooming Lounge Beard Destroyer

Both were "manly" enough names for me, so I was ready to try them. All I can say is wow. Even the little ritual for using them somehow adds to the experience. Shower, then re-wet your face with warm water. Shake 3-4 drops of Shave Oil in to your hand, rub all over your face. Squeeze out like a quarter-sized amount Beard Destroyer Shave Cream in your hand, massage it in to your stubble. Put a few drops of water on fingers and rub into cream/beard to activate.

Wow. How wow? Here is what the combo does:
The Oil:
It Lifts Whiskers (with Meadowfoam Oil)
It Lubricates (with Peppermint Oil)
It Soothes (with Avocado Oil)
The Cream:
It Cushions the Razor (with Sandalwood Oil)
It Enhances Razor Glide (with Rosemary Oil)
It Fights Ingrowns (with Eucalyptus)

Grooming Lounge products are THE IDEAL retail item you can offer men. Pure Spa Direct's got em! Click here and see:

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Anonymous said...

I think you are right, men hate to shave any anything that can help will sell. We'll add it to our spa retail! Thanks!