Friday, January 4, 2013

Suggestions and Ideas for Winter Body Wraps!

Now that we have officially entered the skin-ravaging days of winter, it is the perfect time to offer body wraps designed to moisturize and hydrate your clients' dry and cracking skin.

The question many of our clients ask, however, is 'Where do I start?'  Whether you want to use a pre-made mask, or create your own, there are tons of different products you can use to treat your clients.  Here are a few Ingredient Suggestions:
  1. Wheatgerm Carrier Oil - This thick, sticky liquid is packed with vitamin E and helps relieve dryness, itching, cracks and soreness.  You will need approximately 1/4 cup of oil, but be sure to dilute it first!
  2. Milk Powders - Whether it is Goats MilkFull Cream Milk or Buttermilk, all of these powders contain alpha-hydroxy acids that soften the skin and vitamins A, C, B1, B6, B12, & E to help nourish the skin and neutralize free radicals. 
  3. Soy Powder - This super ingredient contains amino acids and proteins that helps to boost the skin's moisture and collagen levels.
  4. Coconut Butter - This product melts at body temperature and has been shown to lubricate the skin while lowering  the evaporative loss of water.
  5. Oatmeal Powder - Oatmeal is a standard go-to for dry and itchy skin, but why?  The high concentration of salicylic acid makes this extremely effective as a remedy to help reduce itch and irritation asscociated with sensitve skin, rashes, eczema and psoriasis.  

Prefer to have your masks pre-made?  Amber Products has an excellent line of body masques that contain the hydrating and skin-reviving properties necessary for Winter Body Wraps:

Amber Chamomile and Marine Algae Masque:

Back to Basics 2013 - Week 1: Gelish Application Instructions and Tips

I know the nail market is currently saturated with Gel-Polish Hybrids, but since this is the biggest category to hit the nail industry in recent memory, I wanted to revisit application and troubleshooting tips.

For nail techs who are currently using Gelish, a quick review of this post will help refresh you to continue providing your clients with the best possible service. For nail techs who have not yet jumped at this huge trend, hopefully some of this information will ease any concerns you have and provide answers to some of your questions!

Gelish Application Instructions:
  1. Sanitize the nails and your clients hands.
  2. Push back the cuticle.
  3. Remove cuticle from nail plate.
  4. Shape the natural nail using your 240 grit file of choice.
  5. Gently remove the shine using the 100 grit side of a 100/180 Buffer.
  6. Remove the dust and clean the nail.
  7. Wipe the nail with Gelish Cleanser (Blue Liquid) using a lint free wipe.
  8. Apply Gelish PH Bond to the nail plate. APPLY SPARINGLY - i.e. very thin coat!
  9. Apply Gelish Base Coat (GELISH FOUNDATION GEL) - first seal the edges of the nail.
    Then apply a THIN APPLICATION to the nail plate using a gentle, massaging, circular motion with the brush.
    If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer.
  10. Place hand in the Gelish LED Light for 10 seconds or a 36 Watt UV Light for 1 minute.
    As with ALL UV products, cure thumbs separately for best results.

    NOTE: For Clients with NAILS PRONE TO THINNING AND PEELING, add the following two Enhancement Steps:
    1. Apply GELISH STRUCTURE GEL in a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION from cuticle to free edge to build structure to the nail. Seal the edges of the nail & the free edge.
    2. Place hand in LED Light for 30 seconds or 36 Watt UV Light for 2 minutes.
      As with ALL UV products, cure thumbs separately for best results.

  11. Remove some of the tacky surface residue with clean dry brush or clean dry lint free Wipe.
    DO NOT USE CLEANSER... this is a DRY cleaning.
  12. Apply Gelish Color Coat of Choice. First, seal the free edge of the nail. Then, apply to the nail plate in a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION from cuticle to free edge.
    If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer. APPLICATION SHOULD BE ALMOST SEE-THROUGH ON 1st COAT!
  13. Place hand in the LED Light for 30 seconds (20 seconds for light colors) or a 36 Watt UV Light for 2 minutes.
    If using the Gelish 18G LED lamp, cure all 5 fingers at once. With ALL other UV/LED lamps, cure thumbs separately for best results.
  14. Repeat Step 11, 12 &13 for second color coat. If deeper color is desired, can repeat again for a third color coat.
  15. Apply Gelish Top Coat (GELISH TOP IT OFF GEL SEALER). First seal the free edge. Then, apply from cuticle to free edge using a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION.
    If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer.
  16. Place hand in LED Light for 20 seconds or 36 Watt UV Light for 2 minutes.
    If using the Gelish 18G LED lamp, cure all 5 fingers at once. With ALL other UV/LED lamps, cure thumbs separately for best results.
  17. Wipe off the tacky surface residue with Gelish Cleanser (Blue Liquid).
  18. Apply Nourish cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail.

  • Gelish recommended cure times are based on using a Gelish Harmony LED Curing Light or 36 watt UV Light for curing. For best performance follow recommended cure times.
  • For best results, be sure to cap the free edge of each nail. Edges that have not been capped tend to wear and chip faster.
  • Be sure to remove any excess Gelish from the client's skin PRIOR to curing each layer!
  • Performing a wet manicure is NOT RECOMMENDED prior to applying Gelish. The worst thing for the natural nail is water. If the nail is waterlogged before the base coat is applied, it is perfectly natural for the nail to peel within days, once the nail dries and shrinks back to its natural size. Do a dry nail prep rather than a hand soaking, etc. If you must do a wet manicure, apply and cure the base coat first. Doing so will seal off the nail from absorbing any further moisture, and protect the Gelish manicure from chipping and peeling.
Check back next week for Gelish Troubleshooting Tips, Tricks, and More! Do you use Gelish? Do you have any tricks you have learned? We would love to hear about them!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Growing Your Business On The Go!

There are multiple benefits for massage therapists to utilize chair massage both in the office and on the road.

Half of the therapists I know never bothered to buy a massage chair while they other half swear by them. I personally saw the benefits of having one versus not.

Having one set up in your office, especially those who work out of a doctor, chiropractor, acupuncture or any other non traditional massage office is a great way to gain new clients and get people comfortable with massage therapy without having to undress. It's also the perfect time to educate those people who are unfamiliar with the benefits of massage therapy. You also could use it to book shorter sessions at $1.00 per minute with a 15 minute maximum or whatever works best for you to fill in any gaps in your schedule. I found that with people's hectic schedules sometimes they could only spare 10 or 15 minutes or they tweaked something between sessions. People would happily swing by for a quick session to hold them over until their next regular session. It was a great way to profit off what would have been lost time.

Bringing a massage chair to local events or setting up at a local business is a great way to increase your visibility in the community. Working an event or fair you get to reach a large number of people who you may never have met otherwise. You could also set up with a dry erase board with your company information and offer coupons or advertise specials while giving out free 10 minute chair massages.

If  you don't already have a chair massage or are looking to upgrade the one you have, check out the Avila II™ Portable Massage Chair Package by EarthLite 
This is an unbeatable package at a great price.

Another great chair package is the Vortex™ Portable Massage Chair Package by EarthLite. It's lightweight, durable and also has an attractive price point. 

Don't forget to stock up on plenty of disposable face cradles covers like the W.R. Rayson Disposable Face Cradle Cover / 50 Pack

A massage chair is a great way to increase your visibility and will save you money in advertising!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking for a Facial & Massage Bed - Search No More

Massage & Facial Bed for $210 -
Great Buy!!
I am LOVING this ultra-durable and super comfy bed by HANS.  It's only $210, perfect for the spa buyer on a budget and needs a multi-function bed for facial and massage services.

This model is called the Maarten, and it has been designed as a highly functional  facial / massage bed with extremely thick and supple cushioning. Every spa treatment room could use more space, that is why I love the spacious rack beneath that provides ample storage for spa supplies and essentials. The removable pillow and face cutout allow for a massage bed conversion and easy positioning.

White upholstery
Metal frame
Sanitary paper holder
Adjustable backrest.
Face cutout under pillow.
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 83”L x 28”W x 21”-23”H

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All New Pedicure Bowls at

After months of anticipation, new stylish pedicure bowls are in production and due to ship to pre-orders January 15, 2013!  The pedi bowls also have matching manicure bowls and treatment dishes.

  • Lightweight, long lasting, durable material
  • Stylish textured base resembling stones
  • Discreet inside bowl markings for water levels - for a manageable lifting weight
  • Optional plumbing opportunity - with reinforced bottom for drainage placement
  • Created with a color matching system that assures consistent color matching batch after batch, ideal for reordering over time
  • Optional carry case available separately
  • Recyclable
  • Made in Canada
Pedicure Bowls:
Foot Rests for Pedicure Bowls:
Treatment Dishes:
Manicure Bowls:
See 'em All Here: