Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reduce Sore Muscles Using Arnica With Massage Therapy

With winter quickly approaching, the snow is sure to follow sooner than many would like. With snow comes the daunting task of shoveling and the muscle pain and stiffness that come with it.

You may hear a client in your office, salon or spa complaining of aches and pains from recent shoveling, it's the perfect opportunity to offer them a winter relief massage.

One of my favorite products to use during  is arnica oil. Arnica oil  is made from the arnica plant and has been found to be beneficial in treating muscle aches, sprains and sore muscles.

You can purchase an arnica massage lotion such as the one I use most: Lotus Touch Arnica Massage Lotion. My clients ask for this lotion every time they've been shoveling and I have had great results using it to reduce muscle pain and inflammation.

If you prefer working with oils then I recommend trying the Therapro Arnica Massage Oils which are available in sizes from 2 oz up to 16 oz.

Whichever medium you prefer working with, I highly recommend adding an arnica product into your winter arsenal  your clients will be looking forward to seeing you even more after the pesky snow storms!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nail Polish Racks with Style - 270 Bottles & Storage

Beautifully display 270 bottles of polish and store your overstock in this attractive new stand by Deshi.

Polish Display with STYLE!
The Tung Nail Polish Stand is one of the most elegant nail polish displays I have seen! It is very appealing to the eye as well as highly functional.  The design is perfect for creating a high end look and a VERY reasonable price. For only $456.00 per unit, this is the ideal display for any salon or spa looking for style and function. I think 2 of these units would look great in a salon. One could hold all the light pinks, neutrals and roses while the other displays reds and darker colors. Clients ENJOY choosing colors, a display like this makes it so inviting!

I think this would work in just about any decor, but I would especially look great in space with a chandelier and a feel of elegance - or even a cozy, shabby chic boutique.

Size: 65"H x 13"D x 32"W
5 Polish shelves
Ample storage
Capacity: 270 bottles
Colors Available: White Gold and Dark Burgundy is much more than a beauty supply! We have the largest online selection of polish racks, wholesale salon furniture, spa equipment and so much more. Let us help you find whatever you need to make your beauty business successful! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pure Spa Gloves You! Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl and more... nearly 300 glove choices!

Spas and Salons need gloves... lots of them.  There are so many choices -- some are a matter of preference, others are a matter of necessity based on the treatment.

Latex Gloves:
Latex gloves are available in powdered and powder free (no powder).  Some prefer the light powder on the inside as it makes them easier to don (put on) and doff (take off), while others are annoyed by the powder residue on their hands. Latex has perhaps the most natural feel and greatest sensation of touch, but some have latex allergies and should avoid them.  Latex gloves are also available with aloe -- a great choice over powdered -- they are easier to don and doff and don't have any powder residue... BUT they are more expensive. Latex gloves are available in natural rubber color, black - great to hide stains during hair color and other services, blue, green and more.

Vinyl Gloves:
Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are latex-free. Since vinyl gloves are not form-fitting, they fit more loosely than latex and are normally a bit less in price. They are also available in powdered and power free (no powder).  There are "stretchy" vinyl gloves that more closely simulate latex and they make a great choice for those who prefer the stretchy feel of latex, but can't wear them due to latex sensitivity issues. Vinyl does not stand up well to acetone - nail techs take note!

Nitrile Gloves:
Nitrile gloves are an oil-based product which have similar physical characteristics of latex gloves. They stretch like rubber, although they have no latex in them.  They ofer superior performance in a variety of applications. There are lots of reasons why disposable nitrile gloves are a great choice: they are 3 times more puncture resistant than regular latex gloves, they provide a stronger barrier of protection and offer greater chemical resistance, they have a lower resistance to friction, making them easier to put on and take off your hands, they do not contain any natural rubber latex, so they can be used by anyone with latex allergies, even though they are disposable, nirtile gloves can usually be worn more than once because of their superior puncture and tear resistance, Nitrile reacts to your body temperature and conforms to the shape of your hand, making a snug and comfortable fit. Nitrile does not stand up well to acetone - nail techs take note! Nitrile gloves are available in blue, purple, black, white and more.

Poly Gloves:
Polyethylene Gloves (Latex Free) also called PE gloves or "plastic gloves" are made with materials approved by USDA, provide protection from organic vapors, dusts and mists thus making them a smart choice for any food service application. All of the poly gloves are powder free. These are gloves like you see in many food service uses -- they look like baggie material.  They are inexpensive and great for certain uses - like hair colorists.  However, they do not fit snugly and can be a bit awkward where a high degree of touch is required... they would be a bad choice for facialists! Poly gloves are typically clear.

Whatever your glove needs or preferences, Pure Spa Direct has YOUR glove in YOUR size!

Check out the selection here:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fits Like A Glove!

Here at Pure Spa we ship out hundreds of boxes of disposable gloves each week, however, this week they REALLY moved. The guys love them because they pack so easily. We use gloves everyday so it's no wonder that they're flyin' off the shelves. The most popular rite now is Vinyl Powder-Free in size Medium... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Glove selection HERE!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Earn More Revenue in 2013 by Adding Mobile Services

Earn additional revenue by adding mobile
services to your offerings!
Are you an esthetician on the move? Maybe a mobile massage therapist? How about a mobile sunless tanner? Here at Pure Spa Direct, we have noticed a movement towards mobile treatments.

Clients CRAVE... the luxury of visiting the spa, the results of having professional treatments performed, and the comfort of their own home or even office, all rolled in to one. Spa, massage, and tanning parties are more popular now than ever before!

In 2013, spas will be looking to earn more revenue and set themselves apart even more from the competition. Adding mobile services to your repertoire is a great way to bring in additional revenue, and Pure Spa Direct offers all of the products you need to do so. From portable tables and stools, to portable equipment and cases to carry it all, we have everything you need for your spa business!

Check out some of our top mobile products!

Portal Facial Equipment allows
Estheticians to perform services
on the go - to suit every client!
Mobile Spa
Mobile Nails

Mobile Massage
Mobile Tanning