Thursday, April 5, 2012

Biofreeze Will Solve Your Sore Muscle And Retail Needs!

In search for a retail product for your spa that specializes in massages? Pure Spa Direct has plenty of different items you can choose from, but one we would suggest is the Biofreeze line. Biofreeze is a pain relieving gel that is great for treating pain relating to sport injuries, bruises, sore muscles, joint pain and arthritis. It contains an herb called llex paraguariensis which is a holly shrub found in South America. Biofreeze is a topical painkiller which helps people deal with arthritis on a day to day basis, making it possible for them to go about their day without the constant pain. For athletes who have sore muscles or sprained ankles, Biofreeze will allow them to continue to perform at a high level.

You can use this product in services as well. You can use it help relax muscles during a massage. It has a light smell that won't overpower your clients , which helps with the experience of a massage. Also by heating up the area you are going to use it on enhances the effect. Laying warm towels down on your client before using the Biofreeze helps relax the muscles and makes the effects more noticeable. The cooling effect of this product will be a memorable one for your client in your spa and they will want to bring some home - so be sure to pick some extras up to retail! Pure Spa Direct offers Biofreeze available as a spray, roll-on and gel in different sizes. Come and check it out.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Supreme Body Cream - Retail Luxury for Spa Clientele

A high-performance body cream inspired by some of the most expensive anti-aging face creams in the world.  Formulated with ingredients typically reserved for prestige level skin care, Caribbean Smoothie performs like luxe brand facial creams - but this is just for the body.
Great retail item for Spas!
 Skin stays comfortably soft,
even 24 hours after application.

Experience the Moisture SURGE!
A PERFECT combo of creamy comfort
WITHOUT stickiness.
Caribbean Smoothie is has a natural, Sweet Almond Oil base that is is infused with:
• Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin A,C & E
• Sodium PCA
• Algae Extract
• Glycerin
• Amino Acid Complex
• Phospholipids

Together, these skin nourishing ingredients create a luxurious blanket of  moisture that help to restores skin's resilience and  minimize the appearance of dry, scaly skin. Skin feels comfortable again.  Soft, smooth and HAPPY!

The thing clients most love, (besides baby soft skin) is that this formula was carefully blended to wrap skin in lush moisture that is LONG LASTING but not sticky or greasy.  It's so hard to find a cream with this combination.

Also great for sunless tanners!  Well moisturized skin holds tans longer.

Green Facts about Caribbean Smoothie:

Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Propylene Glycol Free
Dye Free
Sulfates Free
Mineral oil Free

Fresh citrus scent & luxurious, lasting moisture.

Price point perfect; Suggested Retail is only $22.00
Available Wholesale to Licensed Salons, Day Spas & Beauty Professionals

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

People are Disgusting! Seriously, who sticks gum on a chair in a spa or salon? Yuk!

Perfect for removing gum and candle wax
from tables, chairs, floors and nonporous surfaces
The other day I went to get my hair cut at my favorite salon and I arrived a little early. I sat down in the super nice waiting chairs in their serene waiting area, and started to doze off. I caught myself drifting and sliding down in the chair, so I grabbed the arms and pulled myself up. YUK YUK YUK YUK... on the underside of the armrest of what must have been a $500 chair was a huge wad of someone's gum. YUK!

Like I said, people are disgusting.

I recovered from the grossness, but it did bring an interesting thought to mind... HOW DO YOU CLEAN UP GUM? Of course Pure Spa Direct had the solution. Seriously, it seems like we have everything for everything in spas and salons... even the gross stuff!

Boardwalk makes an aerosol "Chewing Gum & Candle Wax Remover" that actually freezes gum and makes it come off in one nice chunk. YUK again! It is perfect for tables, chairs, floors and nonporous surfaces.

Check it out here and be ready for gross people visiting your salon or spa:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Get your Tan On!

Tanning Season is right around the corner. How do I know that you ask? Because We've been shipping out tanning mist extraction fans all week. Who wants to be the only pale person at the beach this year? Not me! With the mild winter we had, expect sunny days for a long time. That may be wishful thinking but why not. Get your Spray Tanning Mist Extraction Fan today, along with everything else..... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Pure Sunless Spray Tanning Mist Extraction Fan selection HERE!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Word On The “Spa Street” Is That This Spring/Summer 2012 Will Be All About The BIG BROW!

According to the fashion forward-Spa Connoisseurs, all the rage this Spring & Summer will be about the darker (no matter the hair color), the fuller, and the more shapely the eye brow. The time has finally come to kiss the long-lived trend of thin-shaped, bleached, or drawn-on eye brows "Good-Bye," and say "Hello" to the Bigger, Bolder and Fuller Eyebrow!

For Spas & Salons currently offering eyebrow services such as Waxing, Threading and Tinting, now you can add a new service: Maintenance of the Fuller Eyebrow!

For all your clients looking to embrace this new style, it is important to:

1) Encourage bi-weekly visits. This will help to maintain the shape of the eyebrows and keep them looking clean, while preventing unruly, overgrown & bushy brows.
2) Encourage clients to tint their brows. Tinting is an extremely popular service that continues to grow in popularity. Darkening the brows will give off the fuller effect and will help to conceal hair re-growth...making the unkempt less obvious!

For all spas looking to embrace the new BIG BROW trend, we recommend that you work with your clients over (at least) a 6-week time period. This gives enough time for the brows to fully be grown-in, and return to the glamorous eye brow days of Brooke Shields & Audrey Hepburn.

Pure Spa Direct carries a large variety of products and product lines to help you embrace the new trend:
Pure Spa Direct currently services many Brow Bars and are experiencing an increase in the number of Brow Bar clients, as they continue to pop-up nationwide. Many of these new opening locations are becoming "Mini-Spas" offering only Eyebrow, Eyelash and Nail services, to quickly accommodate all urgent grooming needs. Personally, I am looking forward to this trend, as I know I every time I go on vacation, the two most important things I need to have done (without the time to do it) are my eyebrows and nails!

Look-out for the "Quick Spot-One Stop- Spa Shop!"