Tuesday, March 8, 2011

News Flash... 2011 Gelish Colors are IN STOCK!

Breaking news... 18 of the new 24 Gelish Colors are in stock... NOW!
CLICK HERE to see them!

New In-Stock Colors Include:
  • Need A Tan
  • Medieval Madness
  • Glamour Queen
  • Pink Smoothie
  • Go Girl
  • It'S A Lilly
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Hot Rod Red
  • Up In The Blue
  • After Dark
  • Diva
  • All About Me
  • Plum And Done
  • Black Cherry Berry
  • Jet Set
  • Snow Bunny
  • Little Princesses
  • Sweet Dream

Due in April 1st:
  • Emerald Dust
  • Grand Jewels
  • High Voltage
  • Tickle My Heart
  • Champagne
  • Queen Of Hearts

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  • Monday, March 7, 2011

    Step it Up with Pedicure Slippers!

    Adding slippers to your pedicure can really enhance your spa service. Customers like to feel appreciated, plus everyone loves free stuff! I hate it when I go to get a Pedicure, and realize I am wearing socks and sneakers, and don't have my flip flops with me. It's a frightful sight thinking about having to put your feet back in your shoes after they've just been freshly painted. Gratising your clients disposable slippers is an easy and affordable way to ease their nail-smudging worries.

    A favorite buy are the Encore Slip Resistant Foam Pedicure Thong Slippers with Cloth Reinforced Soles. The case includes 360 pairs, with each pair individually wrapped. They are disposable and sanitary. They come in a variety of 6 different mixed colors: White, Pink, Blue, Green, Black and Yellow. Customers will love the slippers, because they are comfortable and durable. There will be less time wasted having to repair pedicures for clients who prematurely put their shoes back on. These slippers can be worn out to the car! Another major benefit of these slippers (a benefit for both the client and the spa!) is that they are slip-resistant!

    At only $0.33 a pair, they are very economical. All it takes is a little bit to go along way in pleasing your clients!

    High Quality + Low Cost = Pure-ssage Massage Products

    In these tough economic times, virtually every single industry has been affected, including the beauty industry. Cut-backs have been made across the board and I help clients on a daily basis find lower cost versions of the products that they used to order. The good news, however, is the lower cost does not mean poor quality. In fact it means quite the opposite with the Pure-ssage™ Massage Line!

    The Pure-ssage Line consists of Massage Oil, Massage Cream and Massage Lotion that comes in sizes ranging from 8 ounces to 5 Gallons. All of their products are Unscented, Nut-Free, and Paraben-Free! In addition, the cream, lotion and oil absorb easily and do not leave a greasy residue. Last, but definitely not least, these products are extremely cost effective. You get a plethora of the highest quality product for an extremely low price.

    CLICK HERE to see all of the Pure-ssage™ Massage Products.

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Your Fantasea Trolley Will Make You Jolly!

    The Skin Care Trolley by Fantasea is perfect for so many reasons! It is stylish, practical and inexpensive. This unique trolley is constructed from metal, allowing you to store all your skincare and waking products without leaving anything behind. With this versatile trolley, technicians can have all their products with them at all times, without breaking their backs!

    The design of this Trolley is really a technician's dream! The sturdy wheels provide easy mobility, and each of the 2 shelves have sides so your products won't fall off every you move the trolley. On top of the 2 convenient shelves for storage, the tilt out bin is by far the most practical and coolest feature! You can now have one Skin Care Trolley that stores all your products and supplies, no matter the size!

    Dimensions: 17" Wide X 12.5" Deep X 34" High

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    Ease Your Tired Eyes with Daylight Technology

    Working in a spa setting can be exhausting on your eyes. Whether you are an esthetician squinting to see which blemishes need to be extracted, or a nail tech performing manicure after manicure, working in artificial light can wear you out.

    Luckily, The Daylight Company offers a full line of lamps for your every spa need - and they feature Daylight Technology and flicker-free electronic ballasts to help ease the strain on your eyes!

    Every esthetician can benefit from Daylight's full line of magnifying lamps. Available in a variety of designs and magnifications, these magnifying lamps feature Daylight Technology flicker-free bulbs - no more strobe effect to wear out your eyes! These bulbs are low-heat and use up to 80% less energy than traditional mag lamp bulbs, saving you money and assisting you in doing your part for the environment.

    Nail technicians will love the Daylight Slimline Manicure Lamp. Designed to be positioned above your hands, but below eye level, this lamp will quickly become your most valuable tool! The fully adjustable neck allows you to aim the light precisely where you need it without obstructing your view of your client. The Slimline Manicure Lamp features Daylight Technology, providing full spectrum light so you and your client can view colors as they were intended!

    To view all products by The Daylight Company, please click the below link. Your eyes will thank you!
    The Daylight Company