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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buzz with Confidence... Da Gauge Makes Da Cut Straight!

Any barber or stylist knows the fear of getting things straight with shavers, trimmers, and clippers. The slightest goof and well, things are not looking too good. There is a confidence building solution -- Da Gauge. Da Gauge is a precision controlled device that attaches to shavers, trimmers, and clippers that takes the guess work out of making that "perfect line".

It is simple enough in principle, it is a tiny (dime sized) fluid filled level with degree markings on it. It sticks on to your shavers, trimmers, clippers and it gives you a great reference as you are buzzing. There is a reason builders use levels during construction... they help ensure things come out right. Da Gauge does the same for building the perfect clipper cut!

Check Da Gauge Out Here:

And Watch the Video:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stylish Clippers To Go With Stylish Haircuts.

If you are looking for a combo of clippers and trimmers for your salon or barber shop, take a look at the Andis Colorwaves Clipper Trimmer Combo Red/Orange Finish. You want style - they have it! You want durability and versatility, they have it. These clippers have a silent professional pivot motor which will allow you to move with the contours of your clients' heads. The trimmer has fine cutting teeth essential for your line-ups, shape-ups and trimming of beards and mustaches. The best thing about this trimmer is that you can make it a cordless trimmer if you wanted, making it more convenient for you, with less wires. This will make it easier and faster for you to get your clients what they want, a better looking haircut. Take a look at Pure Spa Direct, we have tons of items that will satisfy your cutting and styling needs.