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Monday, September 24, 2012

Bleachsafe Towels

Bleachsafe Towels are here, then gone! They're moving faster than the line at the DMV (haha!). Does "Bleach Safe" mean that your kids can start doing the laundry? Even they can't mess that up... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Bleachsafe Towel selection HERE!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spa Towels Looking Grody? Try Turk Towel's Black Makeup Towels

The most frequently used towels during spa services are convenient, hand sized towels. Commonly used for removing make-up during a facial, wiping muds, body wraps and clays from skin; hand towels perform essential spa duties. Yet there are many times when no amount of bleach and laundering can get out the deep set stains left behind from these products. What remains are unsightly discolorations that make clients cringe! I personally can't even count how many beautiful, expensive towels I have ruined cleaning my make-up brushes. It's like the make-up becomes permanently fixed to the towel, and the towels ended going in the garbage or to recycling.

So I was so thrilled to see that these new Turkish Make-up Towels have the unparalleled luxury of 100% premium Turkish Cotton for superior durability, softness and absorbency - but they are BLACK to avoid discoloration.  Used in many high-end hotels, Turk's Black Makeup Towels make a great alternative to staining pricey spa linens. Machine washable.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Spa Know-How: How to Clean your Hot Towel Cabi

As far as equipment goes, your hot towel cabi probably gets some of the highest mileage in your spa. Hot towels are great for use in a wide variety of treatments, and are probably top of the list when it comes to the "Ahhhh factor." But what is the best way to keep your hot towel cabinet clean and ready for use?

Daily Cleaning
  • First, always empty the hot towel cabi and the drip tray each and every night. Hot towel cabi's are like a playground for mold: warm, dark, and damp. At the end of each day, turn the hot towel cabi off, unplug it, and empty all of the towels out of it.
  • Using a clean towel, wipe down all surfaces. Remove the rack (if present) and thoroughly wipe it down.
  • Be sure to clean the rubber gaskets around the opening (on both the cabi side, and around the door)! Pull it forward and gently clean behind it, as well as in the cracks and crevices. You never know what might be lurking in there!
  • If your cabi has one, pull out the drip tray, empty it, clean it thoroughly with soap and water, and make sure it is completely dry before replacing it. Some spas and salons like to prop the tray in front of the cabi as an indicator that the cabi has been cleaned. This is a great technique to ensure the tray is completely dry before replacing it.
  • Finally, wipe down the outside of the cabi, and disinfect all surfaces. It is a good practice to leave the cabi door open at night, to allow the cabi to air out, and again to ensure it completely dries.
By maintaining your hot towel cabi, you will be able to offer your clients hot towels in so many of your treatments, and it will certainly help keep your "Ahhh factor" rating high with your clients!