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Thursday, July 18, 2013

21st Century Treatments- Cashing In on Gadget Addictions!

With more gadgets seemingly glued to everyone's hands and staring at computer screens all day and night, people are experiencing technology-related pains.

I just read an article in Day Spa magazine about more and more spas gearing treatments for people experiencing pain and fatigue from their electronic addictions.

Commonly seen issues include repetition injuries to the hands, wrists and forearms, tightness in the neck/shoulder area, and puffy eyes with dark circles from staring at screens until wee hours of the night.

Over time these injuries can become extremely painful and continue to get worse. This technological addiction provides a great opportunity to market treatments and increase sales, all without any or much cost to you!

You can simply offer a massage that covers the specific areas affected by overuse, or even let them pick 3 areas such as hands, forearms and neck. Come up with creative names for the treatments, how about the "Computer Slave Service" (I never claimed to be clever!) to set them apart from your regular services. You can even have special days offering stress relief packages..."unplugged days," if you will.

If you offer yoga or even have some extra space to offer it, you can offer stretching classes to literally pry people away from their gadgets.

The article had some great jumping off points,
Check out the article here:
Tech Busting Services

Depending on which type of services your business provides, Pure Spa Direct can help!

We carry a wide variety of massage lotions, massage oils, relaxing eye maskDr. Temt Silk / Sericin Eye Gel (great for tired puffy eyes!), collagen eye treatments, yoga mats and much much more!

If you offer facials there are some cool products designed to alleviate stress:
Prosana Anti-Stress Lavender Mask / 2.2 Lbs (also available in single use packs)

You can also retail stress busting items and advise your clients to take a 10 minute electronic free break every day! Here are some of my favorites:

ESS Roman Chamomile Pure Essential Oil 
Kava Stress Relief Tea 16 Tea Bags by Yogi Tea Company
Lotus Touch Stress Management Essential Oil Blend / 10 mL
Stress Brochure 25/Package
Anti-Stress Microwaveable Neck Pillow by Earth Therapeutics
Anti-Stress Microwaveable Sinus Pillow by Earth Therapeutics
Selenite Crystal Stress Set
Global Journey Drive And De-Stress CD by Global Journey UK

Stress relief treatments are an easy thing to market, pretty much everyone has some stress in their life. Again, with a little creativity you can have a great new service to add to your menu and another opportunity for retail profits!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's Hot All Month Long?... Find out in Pure Spa Direct's New "Specials & Top Picks" Section!

At Pure Spa Direct we recently added a new section to our website, called "Specials & Top Picks." Each month we will be updating this category based on products we selected to be on sale for the entire month. Products are selected based on a wide variety of categories including Spa, Salon, Hair, Nail, & Sunless Tanning. Items are placed on sale for 20% off the entire month! Economic times are tough, and helping you save on popular products is our priority!

We also created a new section to bring to you our monthly staff "Top Picks." Each month the team at Pure Spa Direct will be sharing a selection of products chosen from items that are new to the website, popular and most commonly asked about products, as well as products that we've tried and loved!

We hope you will find this new "Specials & Top Picks" section to be exciting and useful! We are happy to accept suggestions of products you'd like to see go on sale, and suggestions of products you love to be featured in our "Top Picks" section, so please share...