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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Time Saving Disposables

Spa professionals know how important it is to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for their clients, but struggle with the hassle of laundry, ironing, sanitizing and all of the other hassles that come with fresh sheets, towels, and other accommodations. Time saving disposables such as towels, fitted sheets and flat sheets can go a long way to running a more time efficient operation.

Canyon Rose Disposable Fitted Sheet / White / 10 Pack
What a great invention for anyone that uses many sheets and is tired of stained bedding. These disposable fitted sheets are just what you need. They fit 32"-35" wide tables and are easy to use. White. 40 gram weight. 10 per pack.

Canyon Rose Disposable Flat Sheet / White / 10 Pack
What a great invention for anyone that uses many sheets and are tired of stained bedding. These disposable flat sheets are just what you need. They are 29"W x 72"L and are multi-purpose. White. 40 gram weight. 10 per pack.

Disposable Towels / 50 Pack
Disposable Towels are made with specially interwoven fibers that make them extremely strong and durable even when wet. They are twice as absorbent as cotton towels; yet lightweight and comfortable for clients

SPA ESSENTIALS® Disposable Pillow Cases / 100 Pack
Keep your pillows clean and avoid staining with disposable pillow cases. Tissue/poly pillow case 21" x 30".

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crunchy, Uncomfortable Massages - TABLE PAPER TORCHURE

Massage Tips: What is on your Massage Table?  

I have a favorite massage spot here on Long Island.  
Massage Zen with Table Paper 
But, without fail, every time I arrive for an appointment, I have to plead with the therapist to take off the two layers of  table paper and drape sheets on the Earthlite massage table.  

They ALWAYS plead it is better to keep it on (over the sheets) – and I always have to get FIRM in order to convince them to remove it. 

I tried it once, and I got up in the middle of a 50 minute massage and said, “ENOUGH! – We have to take off this paper”.  I could never get into the relaxation zone with the sound of paper crunching and bunching underneath me with each massage stroke.  When the therapist asked me to flip over, the paper bunched up, tangled, RIPPED and stuck to my oiled skin. The Therapist said, “Don’t worry; there is another layer of paper underneath this one.” ARGH!!!!!! That’s when I got up and started ripping it off the table like wire hangers in “Mommy Dearest”.  It was maddening! There were perfectly soft, and cozy sheets on the massage table! So why RUIN a massage by covering it in rough, sterile paper?

Massages are supposed to be blissful.  There is NOTHING blissful about table paper during a massage. I associate it with pap smears, painful bikini waxes, physicals and the flu. Why? I am not really sure, but table paper is for waxing and doctor's offices... NOT massage tables. Let me sink into smooth, comfy sheets and drift away!

A comfortable table, warm oil, table sheets / bedding and a table warming pad are the foundation for a beautiful and memorable massage treatment.  SKIP THE PAPER & PAPER DRAPE SHEETS!  It makes for a more relaxing and luxurious experience for your clients – I promise!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Drape Sheets - Get 'em Here!

Drape Sheets - another item I would have no idea about if I didn't work in this industry. I would've guessed it was a sheet for a window or something. Anyways, they've been selling hard this week. Easy for us, as they are already boxed and ready to ship! The most popular size was 40" x 60"... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Spa Essential Drape Sheet selection HERE!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ever been to Cloud 9?

Clients expect their massages to be of the highest quality, and the expect the same of atmosphere and it's components to be of the highest quality as well. Achieving the desired atmosphere your clients expect, is as simple as making a bed! You spend money on quality equipment for each of your treatment rooms, and now its time to add the finishing touches, to carry out that look and feel to your Treatment table. Using the the appropriate linens on your treatment table, will elevate each treatment to the level of it needs to be at. By following the steps below, your treatment table can have the finished appearance and elegance your clients will notice.

Step 1:
The first step to transforming your treatment bed into a haven is to heat things up with a Table Heating Pad. Pure Spa Direct offers a large variety of Table Heating Pads that will warm your clients up in no time!. To knock out 2 birds with one stone, try one of our super fluffy and cozyFleece Table Heating Pads. Without a doubt anyone of these will ensure a heavenly treatment bed that will have your clients eagerly waiting for the incredible massage to come.
Step 2:
Depending on which Table Warmer you choose, this step may not apply. If you choose a Fleece Table Heating Pad, then there is no need for a Fleece Table Pad, but if you choose a Table Heating Pad, without fleece, then I would strongly recommend one of our super-comfy Fleece Pads. A comfortable bed is key to the client's overall experience, so a Fleece Table Pad is the perfect start to the perfect massage.

Step 3:
The next step to the perfect treatment table is a clean, soft, durable Fitted Sheet. There are many options to choose from, some of the most popular options are the Flannel Fitted Sheets, Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets, and the Cotton Terry Fitted Sheets. At Pure Spa Direct you can find dozens of colors and materials to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit to meet your desired look and feel. Pure Spa Direct offers many Sheets; that are specifically made for Spa Treatments, your clients will surely benefit from the comfort of the perfect Table Sheet, and so will you!

Step 4:
The next step to is finding a soft, light-weight Top / Flat Sheet or Drape Sheet. When choosing which Flat Sheets you want, there are a some key factors to keep in mind. Since the Top / Flat Sheet will have direct contact with the client while they lay down in the treatment bed, comfort and softness should definitely play a role in your decision. You also want to think about purchasing one of our Sheet Sets that include a Flat, Fitted Sheet and a Face Rest Cover. This way you will have a consistent Set of Linens that includes everything you need.

Step 5:
The perfect Table Topper / Blanket, is the what brings everything together! If you really want to give your clients an unforgettable treatment try one of Pure Spa Direct's Table Topper / Blanket. Choose from our wide range of choices, such as Polar Fleece, Waffle Weave, Quilted, in colors ranging from Green Tea,White to Chocolate. The possibilities are endless, so you will have no trouble finding a Blanket / Table Topper that suites your style. My personal favorite combination of Table Toppers / Blankets is the Cotton Blanket with a cozy Fleece Blanket to over, to top it off!

Step 6:
the final step to complete your perfect treatment table, is adding the perfect Face Rest Cover! Pure Spa Direct offers many Face Rest Covers's to choose from, so you can provide the perfect place for clients to Rest Their Head and drift away!

Now that you have read all the steps needed to create the bed of your clients dreams, you can confidently add the finishing touches to carry out the look and feel of your treatment room! You spend money on quality equipment for each room and having the perfect treatment table will only elevate each treatment you provide and have your clients dreaming about there next visit!!

Check out some of our most popular Table Cover Kits:
Table Cover Kits
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