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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Twice The Power...Triple The Moisturizer!

Who doesn't like a moisturizer that has twice the power, and triple the amount of moisturizer than most? I'm sure your clients will agree! Hempz Twice the Power Triple Moisturizer is the latest addition to our Hempz collection. This amazing, all natural moisturizer is an herbal hand sanitizer and moisturizer, giving it twice the power than most moisturizers out there today! It sanitizes as it hydrates. The bottles even come in a lovely display to catch the attention of your clients. What are you waiting for? Get this product on your retail shelves today!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Alien Soap?

We got the coolest hand soap in the other day. It's called Like Soap and made by Gena. It looks like a hairspray bottle but once you put it on your hands it is immediately cold and starts to fizzle. When you rub your hands together it gets even colder! It's absolutely wild and leaves your hands feeling clean. The guys in the warehouse call it "alien soap"... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Like Soap by Gena HERE!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Salon Tools, Spa Implements & Sterilization - Protect Your Clients & Your Instruments!

The cleanliness of your tools are essential to your successful business. Since requirements vary from state to state, how do you figure out the best way to clean and sterilize your implements?

For those of you who use metal implements (I think that would be every spa!), the sterilizer of choice is a dry-heat sterilizer. Pure Spa Direct proudly offers the Steri-Dent dry-heat sterilizers. These sterilizers are FDA registered, and are validated with the same or similar tests as other steilizers. They sterilize all of your metal implements without using pressure, chemicals, or steam, increasing the safety of use. These sterilizers also feature a rapid-heat element for quick operation.

A major plus to using a dry-heat sterilizer is that your metal implements will not rust or dull, making them last longer. Plus, there is no dry time! In addition, since these sterilizers do not use water, there is no routine cleaning necessary. Best of all, Steri-Dent sterilizers feature automatic timers with "heat hold" capability for continuous use in busy salons and spas!

We know all spas and salons are not alike, so we offer the Steri-Dent sterilizers in 2 convenient sizes: 2-tray or 3-tray, and we have Steri-Dent sterilization pouches in a number of sizes. Check it out today!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spritz It, Spray IT, SANITIZE IT!

Don't throw away your brush, just spray them! Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner not only disinfects your brushes, it conditions them as well, bringing both natural and synthetic bristles back to life! Ready to use anti-microbial/anti-bacterial brush cleanser, is colorless and odorless, and will not affect fragrances or make-up tints. No need to soak and dry overnight, just spray, wipe and apply, and your favorite brush will be sanitized and ready for the next application!

An unsanitary brush or applicator can carry bacterias that can cause pink eye, breakouts, irritation and even infection! Why put your clients and yourself at risk, when all you need is a few spritz of Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner, at minimal cost. Your brush's life saver comes in 2 convenient sizes, you can bring the Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner - 4 oz. along with you or leave the Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner - 16 oz. at the salon. On top of sanitizing your brushes, Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner, will get rid of old make-up color that has been hiding deep inside your bristles. Just spray your brushes and wipe them on a towel or cloth and you will see color from every make-up you have ever applied, you wont believe your eyes!

So start spritzing and spraying, and sanitize those brushes today!