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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Simple Fix to Protect Your Pedicure Business

In today's competitive market, seemingly small things may actually be big things in the mind of your clients. Take pedicure basins, for example. You know that you do a very thorough job of cleaning your basins after each and every client. However, your clients are constantly bombarded with information from the media, saying how dangerous pedicures are due to bacteria and fungus. How do you protect your business and reassure your clients - without having to replace your beautiful pedicure chairs you spent so much money on?

Sometimes, the most simple fix is actually the best. Enter Pure Spa Direct's EZ-Strip Disposable Spa Liners - easy to install before each pedicure, easy to clean up after, and wonderful peace-of-mind for your clients! The nail salon I get my pedicures at just recently started using these, and while I have never been wary of their hygiene (being in the industry, I watch their processes like a hawk - and they do a great job most of the time!), I definitely noticed this new addition to their process, and was very impressed! For an additional $0.22 per pedicure, putting your client's minds at ease is so worth it!

Check them out today:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pedi Guard Whirlpool Pedicure Spa Liners - Peace of Mind for Your Clients for Under 50 Cents!

What if you could instill peace of mind for your pedicure clients for under 50 cents? You can with Pedi Guard Spa Liners!

Pedi Guard Spa Liners keep whirlpool pedicure spas sanitary and clients feeling safe knowing that their feet are guarded against germs and bacteria. Pedi Guard Spa Liners fit all major brands of whirlpool spas. They are very easy to use: put the liner inside the spa bowl and wrap the elastic around the outer edges of the bowl. Use spa as directed. When done, put hole in bottom of liner by drain. When empty, toss liner away and replace with new one.

Show your clients you take hygiene seriously and get Pedi Guard Spa Liners now!

They are available here: