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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I'm all about the Balayage

Currently trending, balayage. Women love it, and with summer here a low maintenance, sun-kissed look is ideal.

We have everything you need to make Balayage easy and convenient. Adding these accessories will speed up application and processing time!

Multi-Use Color Cart
Keep your color supplies organized and
easy to reach with this handy color cart on wheels!

6 Piece Bowl And Brush Set
Set of 3 brightly colored bowls in pink, teal, and purple with matching feather bristle brushes. Perfect for staying organized during multi-formula applications.
Bowls interlock, creating a stable surface, are stackable, and have a non-slip rubber ring on the bottom.

Balayage Board With Palette
Balayage Clips / 15 Pack

Salon Masters Hair Steamer/Chemical Processor
An essential and easy to use tool that utilizes steam to open cuticles
(which lock the hair into its follicle) for better penetration of conditioners and treatments. Also, moistens the hair. Features large 20-minute tank, thermal protector circuit automatically shuts off 20-minute steamer if there is no water in the water bottle. Easy to clean hood, water bottle and residue collector.

Reduces processing time of hair color and conditioning treatment. Thermal protector circuit automatically shuts off steamer if there is no water in the water bottle. Easy to clean hood, water bottle, and residue collector.

Click here to see everything and anything you need to make your hair coloring services as accommodating as possible, for not only your clients but your staff as well!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Big Texas Blow Out - A Head Full of Brushes Just Got Easier

Texas Tresses
Get a Big & Beautiful Blow out
with Ionic & CeramicDetachable Brushes
As a Texas girl, I like everything big. Big hair, big diamonds... big personality. It's hard getting a Texas sized blow out here in New York where every one wants stick straight hair. Styling hair with a lot of volume, swing and bounce can be challenging, that is why I just about did a hoedown when I saw this detachable brush set from Scalpmaster.

This set will create a perfect blow-out because it has a detachable barrel so the brushes can stay in the hair for a big, full "set". Simply connect a brush barrel to the handle, section hair, roll into barrel, secure with clamp and release handle, let is stay for 10-15 minutes until cool then gentle release for bounce. Hit that hair with some setting spray and viola... Miss Texas hair!

Create a perfect blow-out every time with this multi-function brush set. Detachable brush heads can be used as rollers to hold hair in place.

Set includes:
Two 1-3/4" Brush Barrels
Two 2" Brush Barrels
Two 2-1/4" Brush Barrels
One Brush Barrel
Six Roller Clamps
Storage Tote

I would retail this to all my Southern Belle beauties that like big hair styles that last a few days!  Also great for salon use.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chronically Dry Hair? Offer Salon Steam Treatments

I don't know if it's age or 20 years of bleaching, but my hair feels like hay and breaks off constantly. I used to enjoy theses AMAZING steam and warm oil treatments by Wella, but the system was discontinued years ago.

Last week, I pulled out the Salon Masters Hair Steamer from our training room here at Pure Spa Direct and gave myself a 20 minute deep conditioning treatment mask that completely transformed my hair! Even 2 shampoos and 5 days later!

In a mixing bowl, I combined of Wella Brilliance Treatment for Fine Hair and five pumps of Elixir Ultime by Kerastase. I mixed well and them applied to my damp hair with a dye brush, making sure I covered every hair root to end. Put on a processing cap and then sat under the steam for 20 minutes.

Long story short, this treatment completely reconstructed my hair. The shine is off the charts. The softness is
so amazing... I have not felt my hair so smooth in years! My blowouts are smooth with no trace of frizz, and my style is lasting. And for the first time in years my hair feels thick and luxurious. I think that the combination of products with steam is the key to the great results.

I had previously tried in salon treatments like Kerastase oleo single dose treatments, L'Oreal Power Dose treatments, Goldwell treatments... you name it. NOTHING worked like the aforementioned ritual for my bleach blonde hair. 

Salons, offer clients an essential treatment service like this all year long. I mention this because the salon I go to on Long Island stops promoting treatments after summer - (silly).

STEAM is KING over dry heat for conditioning services in my opinion because of the following:

- Steam optimum hydration of hair. It adds moisture to even dry hair and helps prevent breakage.
- Adding water (moisture) adds strength and elasticity to your hair. Having a moisture balance means no  breakage, brittleness, or breakage.
- Steam is said to be more beneficial for the penetration of essential treatment ingredients into the hair follicle.

These are just a few of the reasons ... there are countless benefits listed on industry websites explaining the benefits for steam over dry heat... even for processing color.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nail Display - Showcase Fall 2013 Colors & Nail Art

Nail salons can really improve the way clients perceive their business by cleaning up their space, and showing off their skills.

Fall is the perfect time to re-do your Nail Tip Displays, and we have them here at!
Dump those old, dusty nail art models that turn off clients, and show off new Fall 2013 colors and trends with these new acrylic tip displays.

This is perfect for displaying nail art designs and fun, new colors. It includes 64 nail tips - so you can show off a little bit of everything you have to offer clients.

For under $12, you can afford 3 or 4 and have them placed around the salon.

I would even have them organized by nudes, metallics, reds, and dark, vampy colors.  So much fun!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holographic Nail Polish - Halo Polish Trends for Summer 2013

One of my FAVORITE new polish trends right now are the iridescent, holographic fairy dust like
The holographic effects of
The Halo Collection are
Eye -popping!
colors from 
Color Club's Halo Hue's Collection.  Color Club NAILED IT with this collection because both the intensity and the smoothness are exceptional in these polishes... and all the colors create high flash, intense multi-dimensional flair, and serious holographic effects that keep people asking, "Where did you get your manicure!?".  Even mature clients love these hues for an eye-popping "power nail". The power nail is when the ring finer of each hand is painted a different color.  My 65 year old mom is obsessed with crazy "power nail" colors.  She says it keeps her feeling "hip & young". 

Stay on trend and add the 36 piece display to your salon or spa today!

Pure Spa has a 36 piece retail display of the 6 super hot halo colors for retail in your salon

The Display Contains 6 of each shade:
No. 05A976 Harp On It
No. 05A977 Cloud Nine
No. 05A978 Halo-Graphic
No. 05A979 Blue Heaven
No. 05A980 Cherubic
No. 05A981 Angel Kiss

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Retail Counter Display from Cuccio - Irresistible Baby Butters

Just Added! This Cuccio Naturale Rotating Butter Babies Carousel is an EASY way to TURN a profit!
I Spin!
Great Way to TURN
A Profit!
Designed to utilize minimal counter space while maximizing your return-on-investment!

9” x 9” Footprint. Carousel contains a total of 36 - 1.5 oz. butter babies. 6 in each scent.

Milk & Honey
Pomegranate & Fig
Tuscan Citrus & Herb
Papaya & Guava
Lemongrass & Lavender
Vanilla Bean & Sugar

Size matters! At only 1.5 oz. these are Travel Safe sizes that can join clients in their carry-on without any objections from the TSA.  These non-oily body butters are expertly formulated with 24 hour time released emollients for all day skin hydration.  Baby Butters by Cuccio are only available in the carousel or towers.

Boost your retail sales by featuring the Butter Babies Carousel on your front counter of your salon, day spa, wellness center or nail spa.  Suggested retail price for each butter is around $9.99.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 Day Curls? Curvaceous by Redken Creates Curl Memory

What if your locks could remember how to be beautiful  bouncy and frizz-free for 3 whole days??  Well the new Curvaceous Line by Redken promises to do just that!

Curls with Style
Launching in October 2012, this new collection will feature an exclusive new Interlock Protein Network (IPN) technology along with Curl Memory Complex to bring out the best of every ringlet curl!  There are seven customize-able products that reduce frizz and define curls by 97 percent for up to three days.

No matter how you style curly hair, this line sound great for creating style manageability  shine  and frizz control! But what about styling tools? has every thing you need to curl, dry, cut and style hair.

We have the LARGEST online, wholesale selection in NORTH AMERICA  for Salon Industry professionals!

If you would like more information about carrying the Curvaceous Retail Line by Redken in your Salon, please contact Redken, or visit them at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mascara That Lasts 28 Days -- Yah, We've Got That!

Looking for professional eyelash and eyebrow products for you professional salon needs?  Look no further.  Check out our latest addition, 28 Day Mascara – 25 Application Kit - Black by Godefroy.  This exellent, quick process tint is a dream come true for your eyelash clientele with very light lashes, adding temporary tone and dimension in about 1 minute!  No drip formula is safe and effective.  

If you are a licensed Esthetician looking for professional tinting products, please check out our large selection of tints and supplies at Pure Spa Direct by Clicking Here for Intensive Brand and be sure to visit out our incredible Lash & Brow store.  We have everything you need to offer incredible professional services!