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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Make a Big Difference with the Little Things....Like Tea!

Written by Guest Author ChloƩ Shirley, Customer Happiness Associate with Two Leaves and a Bud

As in all forms of business, it’s the little things that make a big difference. In a spa setting a cup of tea–however small–speaks to guests of over-the-top hospitality, of care, and of deep relaxation. The comfort of tea impresses and leaves a lasting memory of superior experience. Delight is in the detail, and a cup of high-end tea is certainly a delight. 

Two Leaves and a Bud Tea Company is committed to organic, eco-friendly and memorable teas. Only the top two leaves and the bud of the tea plant are hand plucked and packed near the source to preserve freshness. These high-end organic teas are packaged in beautiful pyramid-shaped sachets, made from plants not petroleum, and are compostable. The sleeves are not your typical foil-lined packaging; they are clear, allowing guests to see the tea leaves, and they are eco-friendly and designed to break down.

Customer experience is not the only reason to offer this small, but impactful luxury. A taste of tea before a treatment can help increase retail sales. Hot or cold, it’s easy to serve and a pleasure to drink. Tea is a very affordable upgrade in your guest experience.

Differentiate your business, and elevate your client satisfaction with a gorgeous cup of Two Leaves and a Bud tea!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spa & Salon Snacks -- Customers Notice The Little Things!

I have often felt that you can tell how a business feels about their customers by the beverages, snacks and "goodies" they have to offer you while you wait. Though my husband will be a loyal patron to any business that has a bowl of assorted Dum Dums, I delight in seeing more creative offerings. It is these little details that get customers to take notice of your hospitality. What is also interesting to note is that many customers remember a business by the complimentary "goodies" in their lobby / waiting area, they equate a value of sorts to the establishment itself. It is a small detail that is obviously much less important than the quality of the business service, yet it is a notable gesture that clients enjoy.

So I was SOOOOOOO excited that Pure Spa added a large selection of Lobby Snacks!  One of my favorites is  the Tootsie Roll Assortment.  In my opinion, these delicious soft and chewy bite-sized candies have just the right amount of flavor and nostalgia to put a smile on  my face... even if my stylist was running 10 minutes late!  They come in five yummy flavors: lemon, lime, cherry, orange and vanilla.  Let's not forget my nemesis, Swedish Fish!  I can blame my Freshman 15 entirely on these, red and gummy little "devil fish" (my official nickname for them since they tempt me so).  We also now stock  Bubbaloo... Individually wrapped bubble gum with a sugary sweet liquid center! Mmmmmmm! 

We also have popcorn, hard candies, mints, nuts and dozens and dozens of unique snack varieties to choose from.  Shop our Snack Food section today!!!