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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Salon & Spa Retail Products - NEW Modern Showcases

Maximize Retail Exposure
Without Giving Up
Too Much Space
It is important for your retail items to be placed attractively on display to clients, and these new modern showcases from KI New York are so functional with plenty of shelf space to maximize retail stock display!  With only a 17 inch deep foot print, the showcase stands at about 6.5 feet tall and just under 3 feet wide. Five plexi-glass shelves beautifully display hair care, skincare, body care, jewelry, accessories, gift certificates... well you get the idea.  Priced at only $431, salons are and spas are buying 3 to 4 at a time to place throughout the business for design continuity and style.

Due to quality and design, these showcases must be shipped via trucking carrier.  Call our customer service department today to get a quote: 800-434-0018.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome Clients In Style!

Our main focus here at Pure Spa is all about excellent, unique, and cost-effective products that you can implement in your treatments so as to best serve your clientele. But what about getting them through the door of your establishment? How can a new business easily and inexpensively make it known that they are open for business?

Fortunately, we have several eye-catching marketing materials to tempt the masses into your salon or spa. We currently offer 2 gorgeous LED lights that crisply displays what services you offer. The first is the Nails Led Sign by Fantasea. This sign has 2 attractive animated modes and a sturdy metal cord for hanging. A second LED light that we offer is the Nails, Spa, Facial, Waxing Led Sign by Fantasea. This also has 2 attractive animated modes, and will easily catch the attention and curiosity of passersby.

Another option, if you have large windows, is to invest in a spa mural. Recently, while driving on a busy industrial road, large pictures of what looked like a tropical oasis in an average shopping center came into my view. Curiosity piqued, I decided to make a pit stop and check it out. I am so glad I did because it was a gorgeous, clean and inviting spa. However, if those pictures were not displayed in the windows, I know I never would have thought to turn into that shopping center. We have a full assortment of Gulfstream murals that you can use both in your salon for your current clients, and facing out to entice new clients inside.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rack Em Up!

We know that trying to display all of your polishes has become a challenge. The Classic Polish Clear Rack by ProTool is what you need to display your polishes and avoid clutter! At an incredible price and a clear color that match's any and every salon, you cant go wrong!

With most Nail Salons carrying multiple polish lines, it is getting harder and harder to display all of them. The Classic Polish Clear Rack by ProTool holds up to 96 polish and is made to hold all different shaped bottles. Not only does it hold 96 colors, but it doesn't even take up any room because it is meant to be mounted on the wall! So don't hesitate to get the latest colors and products, cause now there's room for everything!

Convenience, Stylish, Cost Efficient, what else can you ask for?

So Rack em Up and Show Off Your Colors!