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Friday, March 6, 2015

Step Safely With Sensi Rome Sandals

When was the last time you thought about spa sandals? Curious question, isn't it?

Aside from hygienic reasons, having a non-skid spa sandal for your clients (either as a retail item or as a complimentary item) is a good idea. You obviously don't want clients walking around barefoot but you also don't want them slipping either.

Welcome Sensi Rome Sandals! These amazing spa slippers are pleasing to the eye in a variety of colors, waterproof and can be used in spas, health clubs, salons, massage therapy office and more!

Available in the following colors and sizes:

  • Olio Green
  • Murano Blue
  • Smoke Gray


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Catch Clients, Not Their Germs!

Almost every one I know is sick, or is working/living with someone who is sick. There are some nasty bugs out there getting hold of people and refusing to let go. Most people, a few days after antibiotics and rest start to feel better and slowly get back to their routines. Many also think a great way to really push the feel better effect is to get their nails done, hair done, a massage etc. My theory---you can never be too safe when it comes to the spread of germs.

Businesses can't shut down due to sickness and you can't do anything about sick clients coming in. Maintaining a clean environment is always a top priority, during the "sick" months it is vital!

Stocking up on your regular disinfectant to spray your implements and work stations is a good way to ensure germs don't have a chance! Also, keeping bottles of hand sanitizer on work stations, bathrooms, waiting areas...anywhere a client can see it will also help (think safety in numbers!!!) People may not think about carrying it or even using it, however if it is in their line of sight they are more likely to take advantage of it.

Don't let germs this season take over your business! Prevention is key!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are You Ready To Save A Life At Work? Pure Spa Direct Offers Safety Products and More for your Office!

Many insurance companies are recommending that many businesses have at least 1 staff member on each shift be CPR certified and that there is a defibrillator on site and that everyone be trained on how to properly use it.

Once you and/or your staff get the proper training, you need to get a quality AED machine, as well as general first aid kits.

The great thing about Pure Spa Direct is that we offer EVERYTHING you need for every aspect of your business including safety products.

Here are some great safety products every office should have:

Being prepared and ready in case of a medical emergency is a necessity for every professional office. Every minute counts in an emergency and by having these items and properly trained staff you could be the difference that saves a life.