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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Gel Manicure Efficiency with Kiara Sky

With gel manicures increasing in popularity and no end in sight, you want to make sure you're prepared. Sick of pesky wires and old led lamps? Perhaps you have a mobile business and need some more efficiency.

Kiara Sky has the answer! Take a look at their Beyond Pro Cordless Rechargeable LED Nail Lamp. It's compact, clean, beautiful, modern, and completely cordless! You can bring these LED lights from station to station with ease.

Key Features Include:

  • Cordless/rechargeable
  • Motion sensor
  • Fans and vents
  • Custom preset cure times

Investing in these lights for your business has endless benefits. Don't miss out, and try it today!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nail Quick Dry Drops - Duri Does it Best

Rock Solid Dry!
Nail Polish Color is CND Tutu
Available @ PureSpa
When I set out to try Duri Drop'n Go enamel dryer I had no real expectations.  I have tried so many quick dry products over the years and my experiences ranged from bubbling, rippling, peeling or actual sliding off of the nail polish!  Previously, my favorite speed dry product Qtica Half Time Drying Accelerator.  One of the reasons I love Duri's Drop N Go so much better, is that is leaves the nails with a high shine and brilliant glossy effect AND my manicure lasted a few days longer.

Duri Drop'n Go dries nail enamel from top to bottom in no time. It gives mirrored shine to your top coat and  remarkably improves the wear-ability of most polishes.  I applied to a freshly done manicure right before bed, and woke up with NO SHEET MARKS. After that I was sold! 

This product is a great alternative for clients that do not want to sit under the nail dryer, or simply need to get out the door ASAP!

Nail Professionals: Retail it!  It's available in Retail Case Pack Displays
Nail Professionals: Try it! Want to test drive it first? It's available in Single Quantities here.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New - Professional Nail Dryers by Lanel Ensure Better Manicures for Your Customers

With over 30 years of made in the USA excellence, Lanel is a highly respected name in Salons and Spas for their durable nail dryers. Now, they introduce new and improved models and a brilliant 5 year warranty to ensure the best manicure and pedicure results possible. New features include fans that come on with 50% more airflow and heat. Special Ceramic Red Lamps work with 110VAC Turbo Jet Air to evaporate thinners in polish and dry nails in minutes. Lanel's professional nail dryers have everything you need to ensure your clients' nails dry quickly, while leaving them with a hard, long lasting, glossy finish.

Why invest in Lanel Professional Nail Dryers for your Salon?:

  • Reduce your clients waiting time while ensuring their nails come out smooth and glassy... free of smudges or bubbles.

  • Top coat to Base Coat, Nail Polish is dried down to a rock hard, long lasting finish.

  • New super charged 110VAC Turbo Jet Air fans deliver increased airflow for drying polishes down faster than ever before.

  • The Red Ceramic bulbs give off UV light AND heat, ensuring faster dry times and a smooth baked in color that leaves nails with a glassy finish clients LOVE. Also cures UV top coats.

  • Faster dry times mean busy Salons can accommodate more clients at a faster rate, increasing profits. Plus your clients will be thrilled to leave a bit sooner!

  • 5 year warranty. According to Lanel, their fans/motors will last 5-10 years in the busiest salons...they only use the highest quality motors that will not burn out. This also accounts for the slightly higher price tag than other economy brand dryers with 12 month (or no) warranties.

Check out the Lanel Inc store on Pure Spa Direct - click here: Lanel Professional Dryers