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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Best Makeup Brush Cleaning Products, Hands Down!

It's no surprise that your makeup brushes are filled with more than just old makeup. They house bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt, and oils. Sanitizing your brushes correctly is extremely important, and teaching your clients to do so is paramount!

Makeup brushes should be cleaned by using a quick spot clean after every application and deep cleaned weekly!

Spot cleaning can be used by simply using a brush cleaner and a washcloth or paper towel!

Makeup Brush Cleaner / 8 oz.
Extend the life of brushes by removing all traces of make-up and residue.

A deep clean can be performed a number of ways. My personal favorite includes a deep soak and a gentle baby shampoo! You can also achieve the results using a clarifying shampoo, or very gentle unscented soap.

Each brush should be hand-washed and rinsed thoroughly in lukewarm water. Then they should be left to dry on a towel overnight.

I also love this cute Heart Shaped Makeup Brush Cleansing Pad to help with either cleaning process! Use this silicone brush cleansing pad to thoroughly deep clean makeup brushes. The multi-textured ridges are gentle, yet effective in releasing product, dirt, and oils. Pair with your favorite makeup brush shampoo. Gently swirl the brush back and forth on the cleansing pad until all makeup residue is gone. Rinse in clean water, re-shape and lay flat to dry.

Of course, your makeup brushes will not last forever and will need to be updated from time to time. Thoroughly cleaning and caring for your brushes will help the brush last longer, work better, and leave your clients skin blemish and breakout free.

When you are ready to add more brushes, we have everything for you! Try a mega pack to stock up on plenty for your business and to retail to your clients or a smaller amount to make sure your brushes are sparkling clean!.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Spring Cleaning!

We just got this new item and I am excited to share it with you - check out this Makeup Brush Cleansing Pad!

This is a makeup brush cleansing pad in the shape of a heart. How adorable! This can be used by makeup artists or anyone who uses makeup brushes. What a great retail item! They are reusable and easy to clean.

Everyone who wears makeup needs one of these. How often do you clean your makeup brushes? They should be cleaned at least twice a month. This is an easy way to do this chore. 

To deep clean your brushes, put Make-up Brush Cleaner in a small bowl. Then dip your makeup brush into the solution (take care to keep the ferrule dry). Gently swirl the brush back and forth on the cleansing pad until all makeup residue is gone. Rinse in clean water, re-shape and lay flat to dry. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spritz It, Spray IT, SANITIZE IT!

Don't throw away your brush, just spray them! Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner not only disinfects your brushes, it conditions them as well, bringing both natural and synthetic bristles back to life! Ready to use anti-microbial/anti-bacterial brush cleanser, is colorless and odorless, and will not affect fragrances or make-up tints. No need to soak and dry overnight, just spray, wipe and apply, and your favorite brush will be sanitized and ready for the next application!

An unsanitary brush or applicator can carry bacterias that can cause pink eye, breakouts, irritation and even infection! Why put your clients and yourself at risk, when all you need is a few spritz of Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner, at minimal cost. Your brush's life saver comes in 2 convenient sizes, you can bring the Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner - 4 oz. along with you or leave the Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner - 16 oz. at the salon. On top of sanitizing your brushes, Dante Cosmetic Brush / Make-up Brush Cleaner, will get rid of old make-up color that has been hiding deep inside your bristles. Just spray your brushes and wipe them on a towel or cloth and you will see color from every make-up you have ever applied, you wont believe your eyes!

So start spritzing and spraying, and sanitize those brushes today!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Synthetic Cosmetics Brushes Work Great & Are Cruelty Free

A Growing Number of Make-Up Clients
Request Synthetic Brushes
What many used to simply view as "just a make-up brush" is now being more closely scrutinized for what it actually is... animal fur.  Natural makeup brushes are an extension of the fur industry, and include the hair of  squirrels, goats, horses, minks, sables, badgers, mongooses or a combination of multiple animals. As with most other animal hair products, the way they are procured is a hot topic of controversy.  As a result of this growing consciousness, an increasing number of  cosmetics companies are offering an exceptional array of top-notch synthetic make-up brushes that deliver a a flawless application and a cruelty-free conscience.  I personally have made the migration over to synthetic cosmetic brushes and am truly pleased with their performance and longevity.  One my favorite features of synthetic brushes... I never have those nasty little stray hairs all over my face!  The fibers are ultra soft, they don't break off, and are easy to clean.

I love this Angled Kabuki Brush which is great for use with mineral cosmetics and the supple feel rivals even the softest natural bristle brush.  Synthetic brushes are also great for applying pressed and loose mineral powders, and loose mineral shadows which can sometimes be tricky for clients to apply.  I highly recommend synthetic hair for ultimate purity and peace of mind.

Check Out Pure Spa's Selection of Professional Synthetic Brushes