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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Winter Warm Up with these Simple Add on's

It's all about the details. It's freezing in New York and all I can think about is being warm and cozy! What are you doing to set your business apart from your competitors?

Here are some simple, cost-effective ways to customize your services for winter

Copper Pedicure Bowl - Hand Hammered 
Offer a warm foot soak before, after, or during a treatment. Infuse the water with essential oils and
rose petals for ultimate relaxation.

Add a Kozi Neck & Shoulder Wrap to any manicure or pedicure service. Simply heat in the microwave first!
This ultra soft shoulder wrap is designed to cover the contours of the neck and shoulders. Perfect for soothing tight, tired muscles, it will stay in place while your client walks, stands, or sits. Aromatherapy benefits are increased when it is heated.

Offer an upgraded service with Hot Massage Stones - 45 Stone Holistic Facial Package With Heater. The perfect add-on to a massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, and much more!
For centuries, basalt hot stones have been used for massage to remove stress, induce relaxation, and promote well-being. For optimum results, heat stones to a temperature of 125°F to 150°F using our specially designed hot stone heater. Once hot, stones will retain their temperatures for up to 45 minutes.

Soothe aching muscles by adding Sacred Earth Botanicals Massage Lotion - Warming.
Another high-quality product from SacredEarth Botanicals. This warming massage lotion uses organic cinnamon oil and organic menthol crystals to create a gentle heating sensation. It is excellent for soothing achy muscles and helping to facilitate blood flow. It can be used during the course of a massage or as a spot treatment. 

Offer season robes and blankets for your client's comfort. Take a look at the Sposh Chelour Robe or the Sposh Chelour Throw! For the ultimate luxury, use this cozy Sposh Chelour Throw for the bottom and/or top sheets on the treatment table. Clients will love this throw so much that they’ll have to have one (or more) at home!

Finish up a facial treatment with the Warm Clay and Algae Masque Kit.
Warm Clay and Algae Masque Kit includes Mini-Mud Warmer, 100 ml Clay Masque, 100 ml Algae Masque, 10 Disposable Cups and 10 Applicator Sticks.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Smoother, Softer & More Comfortable Massage Stones

Ergonomic Basalt stones make comfortable treatments for therapist and client.  Each stone has been hand ground into the perfect shape for exceptional quality and handling.  The hand polishing also makes these stones less abrasive on the skin of clients while being ergonomic for therapists - offering a much nicer experience than traditional unfinished stones.  Exceptional heat-retaining capacity of these natural stones is loved by therapists.  HANS basalt massage stones are also easier to clean due to fewer crevices (which in natural stones can carry harmful pathogens). An elegant bamboo storage box included.

Flat oval-shaped basalt stones
Hand ground and polished to a uniform shape and smooth finish
Less abrasive to the skin of clients
More ergonomic for therapists than traditional unfinished stones
Heat-retaining capacity up to 45 minutes
Easier to clean due to fewer crevices

8 Large Flat Ovular Basalt Stones
Stone Size: 2.88” x 2.13” x 1.00”
Use: Back, legs, backside

12 Middle Flat Ovular Basalt Stones
Stone Size: 2.50” x 2.13” x 0.63”
Use: Hands, arms, feet, calfs

16 Small Flat Ovular Basalt Stones
Stone Size: 1.50” x 1.00” x 0.63”
Use: Forehead, neck, face

Available in 36 Stone Set
and in 45 Stone Set