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Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Facial Idea to WOW Your Clients!

Looking for something to make your menu stand out? Help your clients look like a Million Bucks by offering a Diamond Glow Facial!

This facial will center around the incredible Diamond Glow Regenerating Mask, which is created by a unique combination of science and technology, refining a Diamond into a millimicron powder form that promotes cellular regeneration. This innovative treatment provides firming, soothing, and intense hydration. Impurities are eliminated, and pores are visibly reduced. Skin is tightened, purified, and renewed, leaving the skin luxuriously fresh and radiant. Coupled with a quick microcurrent treatment to tighten and lift, your clients will LOVE the results!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

100,000 Clients Say This FACE LIFT Works! My Favorite Find at IECSC 2012 Las Vegas!

Offer Your Clients
Something New & Exciting!
I was excited to talk to the manufacturing rep. of the Intelligent Facial System at IECSC Las Vegas last week.  This product has always intrigued me, but I admit I have never had a chance to use it.  The rep told me this unit receives more positive feedback for facial rejuvenation results than any of the other products he reps.  He told me spas and salons have great success selling treatment packages to age conscious clients, as the treatments have visible, cumulative effects!

Results of Follow-Up Survey of 100,000 Users :
After 1 Treatment, skins looks smoother and more youthful.
After 3 Treatments, skin becomes exquisite, white and shiny.
After 7 Treatments, facial fine lines and dark spots start to decrease; pouches and dark circles begin to disappear.
After 28 Treatments, faces appeared 1-2 years younger.

This product can deliver NON-INVASIVE results at a fraction of the cost of lasers.

How it Works:

The Intelligent Facial Rejuvenator System emits computer controlled energy to help cellular regeneration by promoting activity of the enzymes in the skin. Based on the skin conditions, the powerful computer processor formulates an appropriate energy treatment that is transmitted to the 32 gold-plated inductive points on the RF facial mask to rehabilitate skin intelligently. Each user will automatically experience a different treatment based on their individual skin conditions.

I am ordering a unit to demo!  More feedback later!!

Now available at