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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Emerald - The Official Nail Color Trend for Winter and Spring 2013

As a nail technician, your clients depend upon your for knowing all the hot trends that will keep them in style this season.  The good news is that I did some research for you and have information the hottest nail trend for Winter and Spring of 2013.


Named 'Color of the Year - 2013,' by Pantone, the 'world-renowned authority on color,' Emerald Green is officially huge in all things fashion.  Whether you recommend clients choose a color that is Classic, Dramatic or Glitzy, you can be sure they will be totally in style.

*Pro Tip*  You can create the perfect Emerald color with CND Shellac by applying a super-thin layer of Iced Coral over Black Pool.  The key, however, is to make sure that the Iced Coral is applied as thinly as possible.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Walk Outside, See Leaves Color Change. . . Walk Outside, See Your Nail Color Change!!

When you go outside you are realizing that it is Autumn.  The weather is starting to get colder, people are starting to cover up, the leaves are staring to change colors.  Why not offer your clients nail colors that can change colors right after they walk out of your salon.  The Ruby Wing Color-Changing Polish / 18 Piece Display by Color Club is the perfect for these times of color change.  The color will be one color when inside a your salon but once they go outside and let the sunlight or ultraviolet rays (still produced on a cloudy day) hit them they will turn into a different color.  Each color in the display will change to a different color .                                     

                                 Inside                                       Outside
Cypress        orange infused red       rich burgundy
Meadowicy silver       lilac steel shade
Wildflowerneon orange       rustic burnt orange
Fatesoft lavender        deep purple
Lagooncreamy natural beige       toasted coral
Birdiepastel yellow       light peach
Sweet Rosesoft pink       dark pink
Horizonvibrant red.       cool maroon
Festivalsilver sparkles       dazzling deep purple
Moonstonepowder blue       muted purple
Desert Valleysheer purple-tinted glitter   sparkling midnight sheer            
Eclipseroyal blue       midnight blue shade
Gypsymint green        citrus lime green
Zen Gardensoothing lilac shade       warm mauve
Sand Dunebright coral       sandy pink
Tideglittery shine with a hint of white        rosy-pink glitter
Mysticcool pink       deep violet
Mythcreamy neutral pink      dusty lavender

All I'm saying is that your clients, especially the younger ones, will LOVE these colors and the effects.  What's can be better you ask?  They are only $6.40 a bottle!  Ruby Wing has come out with something that will definitely be a big hit.  Visit Pure Spa Direct to see this and other nail products.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Put the Spring in Your Step with the Nail Colors of the Season!

New seasons come with new trends, and now that Spring has Sprung everyone is dying to know... "What colors are the nail polish must-haves for the season?" Well, I can tell you it's time to ditch the accessories, like the jewelry and shoes, because Nails have now become the most fashion forward accessory.

The "3 Most Popular Nail Polish Colors for Spring" are:
1) Mints
2) Mannequin Nudes
3) Oranges

Click the links below to view some "MUST-HAVE" Nail Polishes for every Nail Salon this Spring season. I've tried to include a few from each nail product line we carry...I guarantee your clients will be requesting them...

1) Essie:
2) Gelish / Set of 6 Polishes / $101.70:
3) Shellac / $15.95 Wholesale:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

HOT New Nail Trend... Magnetic Polish: Magneto Gel Polish by Gelish!

Magnetic polish is all the rage these days, and now Gelish has jumped on the bandwagon too! Your clients can experience 21 Days of flawless gel polish, now with cool Magnetic effects!

Gelish has released a line of 6 new gel-polishes with iron powder built into the formula. When you hold the special magnet over the polish, the iron powder in the polish creates nail art like none other! Paired with matching nail laquers for easy-to-match pedicures, Magneto is bound to ATTRACT more clients than ever!

Expected to ship by February 1, place your Pre-Order today, and be the first in your town to offer this new phenomenon!

Check out the Video below to see Gelish Magneto in action!

To View Gelish Magneto, CLICK HERE
To View the FULL Gelish Line (including the new 18G Lamp and Winter Reds!) CLICK HERE!