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Friday, June 16, 2017

Say Bye to Air Pollutants From Nail Services!

I get a lot of requests for manicure tables with vents to remove air pollutants in nail salons. Nail dust is released into the air anytime you file the nail, especially when using electric nail drills. These particles, much of which are microscopic, enter the air as soon as they leave the nail bed and then float about your salon and eventually end up everywhere – your clothes, your salon furniture, and the worst place of all, inhaled into your lungs. Whether you're adding new services or trying to improve the quality of your salon or spa, these tables end up being costly. I have a much more efficient and cost effective option for you!

Introducing the Sunflower II / 10 Watt by Aerovex Systems

This works by capturing the dust BEFORE it gets a chance to float about your salon, using a small source capture system,

Harmful environmental toxins are easily removed from the air with this powerful, efficient filter/lamp combo. Fine craftsmanship and design plus state-of-the-art technology come together in an attractive unit that is easy to assemble, install, and operate. Silent yet powerful, efficient and economical, Sunflower makes your place a brighter, cleaner, happier place to be! Each Sunflower unit comes with 1 extra filter.

The cyclone system sucks in air pollutants, from basic vapors to UV-Gel Dust, as well as finely-ground nail powders.

A built-in HEPA-Quality filter system cleans the air with Activated Carbon Technology, the most modern and effective means of eliminating chemical odors from any source.

The Sunflower unit takes up very little space, is portable, and easy to clean and maintain.

Special Features:

  • Removes finely-ground nail dust
  • Removes UV-Gel Dust
  • A built-in HEPA- Quality filter system
  • Removes acrylic and other air pollutants
  • Activated Carbon Technology that eliminates chemical odors
  • Built-in bright light
  • Space saving compact design
  • Ultra portable & easy to maintain

Don't waste your time and money searching for tables to match your decor. Purchase the Sunflower II for a fraction of the price, you will be wowed with the results!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Calling All Salons: WIN a FREE Air Purifier!

JUST ANNOUNCED! Pure Spa Direct is a Proud Sponsor of the Aerovex Systems "The One That Works" 1st Annual Contest!

Aerovex Systems, the manufacturer of the top-rated "The One That Works" salon air purifier system, is running a Giveaway Contest for one LUCKY SALON to Win a FREE Salon Air Purifier "The One That Works!" 

Any Salon can enter the contest. One lucky WINNER will be selected based on their Salon's Facebook Feedback on the Entry Question.

The rules are simple: 
1. Only 1 Entry per Salon will be accepted.
2. All Entries must be received before 12 PM PST on Sunday, June 10, 2012.
3. The Winner will be announced LIVE at 3 PM PST at Booth #4701 at IBS Las Vegas on Monday, June 11, 2012, and the Winning Entry will be read. If the Lucky Winner is not in attendance at the IBS Show, Aerovex Systems will contact you by phone!

How to Enter & Win "The One That Works" Giveaway Contest:
Step 1: Submit Your Entry
Step 2In a couple of sentences, tell Aerovex on Facebook What's Hot about Your Salon & why you want to WIN the Salon Air Purifier— "The One That Works".
Step 3: Don't Forget to "LIKE" Pure Spa Direct and Aerovex Systems on Facebook!

The Salon that comes up with the “BEST” entry will be the One Lucky Winner! Aerovex Systems' judges will review all applicants and choose the “BEST” entry.
*only one entry per Salon will be accepted

About The One That Works

The One That Works Salon Air Purifier will help you to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for your valued nail technicians, hair stylists, salon staff and clientele.  It is the only air purifier in production today designed specifically for the professional salon environment.

Aerovex System's "The One That Works" Salon Air Purifier Will Help Your Salon Meet Current and Future Potentially More Restrictive OSHA, EPA and  Municipal Clean Air Standards!

Features / Specifications:

  • 2 speeds: cleans 400-600 cubic feet per minute. (Low speed is quiet/High speed is used for chemical spills or to rapidly clean the air).
  • Motor: 128 h.p./1550 rpm.
  • Is designed to run 24 hours/day on either speed
  • Is very economical: High Speed-135 Watts/Low Speed-90 Watts
  • Uses High Grade Activated Carbon
  • Machine Washable Dust Filter: Polyurethane foam filter filters Nail Dust and other particles as small as one micron!

  • Aerovex's exclusive "Fountain Airflow" technology replaces unpleasant air with clean, healthy air every 10-15 minutes. Unique “Fountain Airflow” circulates up to 600 cubic feet of clean air per minute throughout the salon, while removing chemical vapors, NAIL DUST, other salon dust debris and bacteria.