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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gelish Magneto IN STOCK NOW at Pure Spa Direct!

The latest buzz in the nail industry is magnetic polish, and Gelish's Magneto is now available for shipment from Pure Spa Direct!

Pure Spa Direct is offering the Gelish Magneto Collection of Gelish PLUS Matching Nail Laquers in 6 irresistible colors that will be sure to excite your clients. This revolutionary nail effect transforms a regular manicure into an exciting manicure!

To create a unique and magnetic effect in your client's polish, begin your Gelish application as normal, curing each coat. While the second color coat is still wet, hold the magnet cap over each nail, creating nail art like none other! Cure and finish your Gelish application, and watch your client's amazement as they see their totally unique nail art! Mix up the designs made by the magnet by holding the magnet in different directions or even by wiggling the magnet over each nail. The possibilities are endless!

To see Magneto in action, check out the video below:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Give your Clients Holiday-Tastic Nails with the New- Neon Nail Art Pens by Cinapro Nail Creations!

The time is here for Holiday parties and celebrations, and there is “no-nail” better way for your clients to attend these parties, than with their nails ready for the party as well. Jazzed-up nails with the Neon Nail Art Pens by Cinapro will scream celebration!

These Neon Nail Art Pens by Cinapro are an amazing design tool for the nail technician. The fine point makes it easy to draw intricate lines, details and shapes. They are the perfect creation to transform ordinary polish and standard French-Mani’s and Pedi’s to bright, colorful, flirty, and fun nails!

My favorite feature of the pens is that they GLOW IN THE DARK! A perfect nail accessory for the clients that will be “Ringing in the New Year,” dancing under the lights at the discotech. The glowing nails will generate so much buzz, that others will be dying to know where they can get a neon manicure, or purchase the pens for their own personal use.

The major benefit by adding these products to your salon is Profit! Profit! Profit!
  • Fast and easy way to increase treatment cost, therefore increase profit margin on treatment.
  • Excellent retail item to increases holiday sales profits.
Purchase the entire collection Today: Here! What would be your favorite holiday neon nail design?