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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Healthy Feet Are Happy Feet! - Recognizing Foot Concerns

As many as75% of spa-going clients
exhibit signs of athlete’s foot!
Have you ever thought about the amount of stress and pressure your clients put on the bottoms of their feet every day? Special attention is needed when caring for this specific area. The skin on the soles of the feet is much thicker than the rest of the body, therefore does not respond as readily to typical skin care products used elsewhere on the body. Healthy skin locks moisture in and protects against the entry of bacteria, fungus or viruses. Unhealthy or dry skin creates a portal of entry, leaving the skin traumatized and unable to perform its job of protection. Today, skin on the feet needs non-occlusive moisturizers with humectants, such as urea. A great brand I recommend for foot concerns is the Footlogix brand. The Footlogix products use the latest technology for treatment of the feet. Mousse-based technology is the latest type of formulation to add moisture into the layers of the skin on the feet. And like all skin on the face and body, if it is dry, it needs moisture every day.

A surprising fact: According to an independent study by the North American School of Podology, 75% of spa-going clients exhibit signs of athlete’s foot and, more often than not, it is only recognized as dry skin!

It is important to recognize these concerns and educate your clients on how to spot these concerns as well, so you can provide the correct treatment for them - therefore, gaining trust and loyalty! Another great item you can check out is the MILADY'S The Salon Professional’s Guide to Foot Care.

Healthy Feet Are Happy Feet! =)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Milady - Now Offering Education and Networking Online for Students and Professionals

An essential, yet often neglected, business booster is continuing education for you and your staff.  While most would like to take advantage of continuing education, finding the time and money to do so can be very difficult.

Milady, the company known for supplying your textbooks in beauty school, has just launched the Milady Education Network, a website specifically designed to offer continuing education and networking opportunities for salons, spas, barbers and all independent contractors in the beauty industry.

Just a few of the features on the website include:
  • Articles
  • Business training webinars
  • Technical videos
  • Online Courses
  • Assistance for new licensed professionals

Registration is simple - Just provide your name, email, license information and concentration and you are ready to explore!

Continuing Education - The Key to Success!
The Video Hub features an assortment of Free and Low Cost videos including a Back-To-Basics series, interviews with Industry Leaders and Icons and the Milady Minutes, quick 1 minute videos with ideas and suggestions for treatments and retail.

The eLearning Center features business-focused videos with multiple perspectives on how to improve your bottom line.

The Student Corner is filled with articles for current students and recent graduates that provide tips, tricks and suggestions for getting started in the industry.

What is considered to be the most exciting part this Milady site is the Networking Lounge, where professionals from all over can chat about anything and everything relating to the working in the beauty industry.

Need textbooks for school or a comprehensive refresher?  Pure Spa carries a huge assortment of Milady textbooks and other assorted books and DVDs!