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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guy's Faces Need Love Too!

With the warmer weather springing (get it? Spring? moving on...) into action almost everyone is talking about skin care. Out with the cold and old skin, in with the warm and glowing skin!  Now by almost everyone I mean, women. What about the men?  We all have seen the rise of male oriented services (MANzillian, MANicure- not male specific but you get the idea, etc) and more men freely going in for treatments. So what's the deal with men not flying into the spa/salon with the hoards of women when the warmer weather begins creeping in?

My guess is they are not aware of the importance of spring skin care (c'mon, you know sometimes it takes men a little longer to fully grasp beauty benefits!)

Men's faces are just as sensitive to winter's war as women's. The skin becomes dehydrated, itchy, annoyed by the wind and sun. Even men who have giant beards covering half of their face need to embrace spring cleaning!

A very easy add on (and at home retail goldmine) is an exfoliating treatment. Educating your male clients (and friends, family, significant other etc) on the why they should add exfoliating into their grooming routine (if they don't have a grooming routine...sit that guy down and learn him a thing or two immediately).

For men, not only does exfoliating help clear away dead skin cells it can also help prevent ingrown hairs. (soft, smooth skin...I never met anyone who thinks "nah I'm good with my dull rough skin, no exfoliating for me!") Men generally have larger pores and more facial hair which is a lovely combination for oil, dirt, sweat and what not to get trapped. All of that gunk and dead skin can lead to breakouts; all of which can be helped by exfoliation!

Here are some of our male specific businesses top picks for exfoliating treatments (and of course, retail items for the guy who wants silky smooth skin but doesn't want anyone to know he cares)

POURELLE COSMETICS Exfoliating Papaya Peel Off Mask
Vanilla & Conker Tree Seeds Exfoliating 2-in-1 Mask-Scrub
Enzyme Masque
SPA PANTRY Ground Coffee
SPA PANTRY Ground Loofah

Some other items your guys will need for at home:

Face Brush / 5.25" x 1.75"
Exfoliating Massage Gloves 
Face Chamois

Saturday, April 27, 2013

MEN!!!! - Male Specific Services

Looking and feeling good is not something only women care about, men do too! Even the manliest of men appreciate relaxing, looking and feeling good...they just may not admit it to their buddies! According to the International Spa Association (ISPA), as much as 30% of spa clientele is now male in the United States and even higher abroad!

Whether it's a MANicure, waxing or a full day relaxation getaway, male-specific spas are cashing in where other's may have left off.

If you notice that you don't have too many male clients, why not add a few services designed to pull them in? By opening up to an entire new demographic for your business, you open yourself up a new line of revenue, and who doesn't like that!?!

If you're already catering to men, here are some great products to make them feel extra special:

And for those who may be hesitant about working on men, check this out:

Whether you already have a strong male clientele or are looking to build it up, the possibilities are endless as well as profitable!