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Friday, January 13, 2017

Manscaping Made Easy!

Who says men don't appreciate a nice grooming every now and then (or maybe even everyday)? With the ever growing rise is male spa attendants, have you considered growing your business to meet their needs? Whether it's a haircut, beard trim or shaping, a massage, or even a manicure, men are seeing the glories associated with feeling (and looking) good!

We have quite the variety of products to help your business service males for their spa and salon treatments, including barber chairs, shavers, and more. To help grow your business even more, why not retail products to your clients?  They'll definitely be hooked on your services, and will without a doubt want to continue their grooming routine while they can't get to your spa. Let's face it - manscaping is totally a thing these days, and there is certainly no shame in wanting to feel and look good, no matter what your gender is! Take a look at some brand new products for your male clients that we just got in, and be sure to call us if you need help finding anything specific!

Deluxe Wood Handle Straight Razor
Voodoo Prince Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil / 1 oz. by GIBS

4 Piece Men's Grooming Set
9 Piece Beard Brush Display

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Wax from Depileve Designed Just For Men!

Waxing is not just a service for women anymore. It is becoming more and more common that men from all walks of life are coming to the salon for waxing services as well. So why not offer a wax that is specifically designed just for them?

The 3G Bronze Stripless Bead Wax for Men by Depileve is a beaded film-wax formula designed specifically for use on tough hair and helps leave male clients' skin soft and smooth. This wax contains salicylic acid to help prevent ingrown hairs, ginseng to revitalize and repair, and castor and sunflower seed oils to help moisturize and calm.

The most popular areas for men are the back, chest, butt, and feet/toes. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for men to come in for "The Male Brazilian" as well!

Manscaping is becoming huge now, so you definitely want to be using products that appeal to your male clientele and are specifically designed to suit their needs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Manscaping - Demand Grows for Male Waxing Services

Depilieve's NEW Bronze Wax specially formulated for tough, thick hair. This soft, strip wax formula contains salicylic acid to prevent ingrown hairs and Ginseng to revitalize and repair skin.

These days, more men are waxing rather than shaving to achieve a smooth gladiator look all over! (Mmmm... Spartacus). This new demand has Salons and Spas expanding their menus to include men's standard bikini wax or a Brazilian bikini wax, and it's not coming cheap; in major metro areas men are paying up to $150 for these services. With the ever increasing popularity of "going smooth" you should have a wax on hand for the job. I would also strongly recommend No Scream Cream. Men can use this topical numbing cream 30-45 minutes before waxing sensitive areas to DRAMATICALLY reduce waxing pain!