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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you are a business owner or employee, the beauty industry is always evolving and changing.

Practice makes perfect right? So what are you using during downtime for practice?

Salons and spas purchase our manikins for learning new cutting, coloring, straightening and processing techniques. You will find all types of manikin heads from human hair, synthetic hair, straight hair, ethnic hair, facial hair, beards and even eyebrow hair. We also have accessories such as holding clamps, tripods, wig dryers and foam heads.

If you think this doesn't apply to you or your business think again, we have it all!

Daisy - Blonde 100% Human Hair Manikin / 22" - 24"
100% human hair manikin features 22" - 24" of light blonde hair, a natural neck and facial make-up.

Celebrity Eyebrow Tweezing Pallet
Practice tweezing and shaping with four pairs of eyebrows.

Celebrity Manicure Hand W/2 Way Holder
Manikin hand includes a two-way holder.

Celebrity Eye Shadow Pallet
Perfect for practicing eyeshadow and eyeliner application. 4 sets of practice eyes per pallet.

We have more to choose from, click here!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Practice Makes Perfect!

Check out the new Make-Up Practice Face from Celebrity. This professional quality, washable practice face is the ideal learning tool to perfect face painting basics, practice specific techniques, test new makeup products and create your own unique designs. The Face is made of a soft plastic and allows for realistic make-up application.

See it here:

Also check out our entire manikin category:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Left Foot? No... It is a Right Foot and it is for Pedicure Practice!

We offer A LOT of Manikins for salon & spa practice, but this one is the first foot we've offered -- are all our pedicurists in training readers psyched or what!

This Pedicure Foot Manikin is the perfect training aid for students.

  • Deep nail beds are great for practicing pedicure techniques
  • Flesh-like coloring, flexible toes and cuticles provide a realistic experience
  • Made from a soft, vinyl material
  • Features a hole in the heel for a manikin holder Measures 9"L x 3-1/4"W x 4-1/2 H
This Pedicure Foot Manikin really smells like a winner! :-)

Check Out Our Massive Manikin Selection Here:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Schlepping Around Your Manikin Heads Has Never Been Easier!

Manikin heads are not the easiest thing to carry around when your on the go. They also don't always fit in just any bag either, due to their shape and size. With this Sturdy, lightweight manikin tote, you can easily hold up to 6 full-size manikins!! What?! That's a big help when your juggling to carry a bunch of these things around. It's great for bringing them back and forth between home and school for practicing. This bag is perfect for students!

Also check out the our Manikin Heads here at Pure Spa to fill your new super, awesome tote! =)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Long Human Hair Manikin in Blonde

Practice makes perfect! I am excited we added this 100% human hair manikin with 22"-24" long hair for stylist practice. Ideal length for Cosmetology practice for up-dos, hot sets, styles and cuts! Also great for practicing low-lights and color style.  New & VERY popular!! Get your DAISY manikin and begin practicing today!  Pure Spa Direct has dozens of styles of popular Cosmetology Mannequin Heads and holders for all your cosmetology and stylists needs.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hair Stylists looking for Volunteers

Hair Stylists and Styling Schools, do you need volunteers to learn or teach different hair styling techniques? Seek no more. We've got plenty of manikin heads for you to use as subjects for cutting, styling and dying. You can chose from blondes, brunettes, black hair, both protein fiber hair and human hair. Besides manikin heads, we have plenty of other hair styling and dying products. Just visit Pure Spa Direct and check out everything we have to offer!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm a Sexy Mannequin and I Know It... Mannequins Sell Salon/Spa Retail Apparel!

Take your spa or salon's retail to a new level by showing your apparel at its very best on these attractively proportioned mannequins from CBL Displays. Sexy female mannequins, hunky male mannequins and even kid sized mannequins... this line is HOT. Skin tone, matte white, molded hair, bald...'s got 'em!

Check 'em out here:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cosmetology Manequin Heads - Wholesale at Pure Spa Direct

Practice New Color & Cut Styles
We have all your cosmetology supplies!  Pure Spa Direct offers a vast assortment of training heads, long haired mannequin heads, human hair mannequin heads, jumbo braids, massage heads, pressure points heads... you name it!  We even have wig dryer cabinets!   So please take some time to shop our Mannequin Category!   Shopping our website is EASY for pros & we are open 24/7 online.