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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Disposable Nail Products Will Make Your Salon the Most Popular Around!

Nail salon cleanliness is a hot topic these days, and nail salon clients are looking closer and closer at what goes on behind the scenes at your nail salon (See Rebeca's "Cuticle Soup" blog). With concerns such as infections and wounds, clients are more aware of nail salon practices, and looking around your establishment with a wary eye.

Wouldn't you rather be known as the cleanest salon in town? Clients notice even the smallest details, so it is important to show your clients that their safety is important to you....even if you have to charge slightly more to cover the costs. In the long run, you will definitely benefit from the clean practices.

Some "Clean" Nail Salon Practices:
Disposable files and buffers
are ideal for cleanliness and comfort!

    Use disposable nail files and nail buffers to set your clients at ease. The mini block buffers are the perfect size for just 1 use, and with some priced under $0.05/client, they are affordable, too!

    Other disposable items are a good idea too - disposable toe separators, slippers, and even manicure cups for soaking. Any item that could potentially house germs and cooties, if you can make it disposable, do it. Clients will adore you for it!

    Invest in an autoclave to thoroughly sterilize all of your metal tools. Use it properly, and be sure to let your clients see you opening the sterilized pouch. They will feel more confident in your hands.

    Never leave water standing in your pedicure tubs. Pedicure tubs must be cleaned after each and every use. Try the new Pedi Spa Cleaner by Spa Redi! Even better, instead of a pedicure spa, use a Footsie Bath featuring clean, hygienic, disposable liners to ensure cleanliness for each and every client!
    A little extra effort will go a long way with your clients - and your profits!

    What are some of your "Clean" Tips?

    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    HIV from a Manicure? Safety Counts! And it does NOT have to be expensive.

    Keep it CLEAN! 
    Trust me, your clients are paying attention! I have ALWAYS taken my own tools for manis / pedis, but no matter what, the nail tech reaches for "what she likes to use". And it is almost always a dirty buffing block! Yet I don't want that old, dirty thing touching me! It is visibly covered in nail oil, cuticle peelings and dust from heavy use. I recently read a very alarming article on By Tracee Cornforth, that said, "just having cracks or broken skin around your fingernails can lead to HIV / AIDS, as well as other infections." Yikes!! It's important for clients to see that you care about their health and safety... reach for something clean! These new Super Mini White Nail Block are the perfect solution for clients and technicians.
    Only Four and a half Cents EACH!

    1. These small, hygienic little white buffing blocks take up VERY little space. Easy to have several packs on hand with all your clients!
    2. Soft, safe edges so there is no skin abrading, tearing or damaging the cuticle area.
    3. Create client loyalty by showing you care about their health!
    4. These baby blocks are affordable!  Only 4.5 CENTS each!  For less than a nickel...  you can't afford not to have these!
    5. Great for Manicures & Pedicures.

    Please keep in mind that all your implements and tools should be sterilized according your State's laws.  Pure Spa has a large selection of Sterilizers, Autoclaves and Sanitary Nail Kits.

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