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Sunday, March 16, 2014

New and Improved Slimline Manicure Lamp

Our most popular manicure lamp, the Slimline Manicure Lamp by Daylight Company, just got even better!

The new and improved version now features 80 ultra-bright daylight™ LEDs to flood your entire workspace with clear, natural light! The daylight™ technology also reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision and allows true color viewing!


  • 100% flexible, 100% practical
  • Adjustable 360° rotatable shade
  • daylight™ LEDs
    Experience the revolution for yourself with our first daylight™ LED. Low heat, low voltage and low energy consumption, this light source is comfortable, safe and energy saving.
  • daylight™ technology
    With full spectrum daylight™ technology, your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! No headaches, no red-eyes, working under daylight™ becomes as relaxing and natural as a walk in the park.
  • Eco friendly, uses 90% less energy
  • Metal table clamp included
    All our magnifying lamps come with a sturdy table clamp to safely hold your lamp in place. Our table clamps are in steel and have been designed to fit standard tables and other work surfaces.
See it here:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ease Your Tired Eyes with Daylight Technology

Working in a spa setting can be exhausting on your eyes. Whether you are an esthetician squinting to see which blemishes need to be extracted, or a nail tech performing manicure after manicure, working in artificial light can wear you out.

Luckily, The Daylight Company offers a full line of lamps for your every spa need - and they feature Daylight Technology and flicker-free electronic ballasts to help ease the strain on your eyes!

Every esthetician can benefit from Daylight's full line of magnifying lamps. Available in a variety of designs and magnifications, these magnifying lamps feature Daylight Technology flicker-free bulbs - no more strobe effect to wear out your eyes! These bulbs are low-heat and use up to 80% less energy than traditional mag lamp bulbs, saving you money and assisting you in doing your part for the environment.

Nail technicians will love the Daylight Slimline Manicure Lamp. Designed to be positioned above your hands, but below eye level, this lamp will quickly become your most valuable tool! The fully adjustable neck allows you to aim the light precisely where you need it without obstructing your view of your client. The Slimline Manicure Lamp features Daylight Technology, providing full spectrum light so you and your client can view colors as they were intended!

To view all products by The Daylight Company, please click the below link. Your eyes will thank you!
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