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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Give your clients something to chat about!

The #MAKEUP Bag was inspired by the modern world of cosmetics, and the beauty influencers behind it. The unique design truly stands out with its pops of color and interior bright yellow lining. Crafted from delicate polyester and non-woven materials, the #MAKEUP Bag feels like a soft pillow to the touch. If your clients are makeup fanatics, this is the bag for you. They are adorable!

These makeup cases will be trending for sure!

Happy Selling! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Looking for a cute way to package your retail products?

I love these trendy mesh pouches with zippers! 

Your clients will love being able to take their products home in a reusable travel bag. With a wide variety of colors, and sizes to choose from you will never get bored! 

Perfect for in store promotions, or give-a-ways!

Check out the complete line of pouches here! Happy Selling!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stand Out From the Crowd with a New, Unique Cosmetic Case!

There are so many different cosmetic cases to choose from, however they all pretty much have the same look to them. We recently just added some really cool cases that will definitely make you stand out! From the unique designs and new colors, you will love these. Whether you're looking for something on the smaller size or a larger case on wheels, there are plenty of new designs to choose from.

If you like to stay away from the same old black and silver, there is also some great new pink and purple colored cases, as well as some wild leopard and zebra prints!

My favorite new design is the All Black Leather-Like Professional Rolling Makeup Studio Case With Lights, Mirror & Silver Hardware. The silver hardware on the outside gives this case an edgy look.

You can check out all the new TruCase designs at Pure Spa Direct!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time for your Cameo!

Step out and make your make your Cameo with, Cameo Make-Up! Finally a line of cosmetics that has it all! Cameo offers a wide selection of products with an even bigger selection of colors! From Bright and Fun to Nude and Neutral, everyone will feel gorgeous in Cameo make-up.

Cameo is the perfect product to use and sell to your clients, with their Beauty Boxes and Mini Kits! Your clients will be ecstatic when they only have to purchase one products that has everything they need in one Kit, instead of buying 20 different products! Cameo's products are inexpensive and make re-applying throughout the night hassle free! Using Cameo products, you can enjoy smooth and effortless application!

The Eye Shaodow's are great for all eye colors and skin tones. The pressed powders give complete coverage and even skin tone while the Blush's highlight and awaken the face. With the use of the Pressed Powders and the right Blushs, you can create the perfect complexion! Top off your flawless face with one of Cameo shiny Lip Glosses!

Its hard to believe that at such a low cost, you get so much! Cameo has everything you need, quality, affordability, Fun Colors, and the Cases are super cute too!

Get Cameo and give your clients a fresh flawless face in the salon and at home!

Monday, January 17, 2011

On Location: Professional Stylist & Make-up Artist Cases

TruCases offer the perfect solution for storing and transporting all of your cosmetics and styling essentials in one place. Organizational compartments offer deep spaces for different types of makeup, tools and styling products. Tiered compartments allow you to arrange your case from Primer to Pallets in the order that make your services professional, seamless and well organized. Your clients don't want to see you get flustered digging through bags of make-up looking for pencils and coveted colors. Now you will have a place to keep towels, your makeup belt, brush cleaners, cape, brush rolls and more! Let your clients see you "roll up"in Tru professional syle.

With a variety of cases to choose from, TruCases offer a variety of sizes from modest to impressive. This Silver Crocodile Pro Rolling Makeup Train Case makes a statement, especially with its dramatic crocodile texture and sleek silver color. Don't need to take it all with you? The top section can be removed and carried separately. Love that!

Also great for mobile estheticans and mobile spa services. TruCases' professional designs and styles exude professionalism and class.

Visit to TruCases Store @ Pure Spa Direct: