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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Make-up Tips for the Season of Weddings and Special Occasions

 Spring has finally officially arrived and this is the season for weddings, proms, and special occasions. You will definitely be kept busy with all the brides and Sweet 16s during this time. A main focus will be on all the bridal make-up that will be requested. Brides will usually want to create their wedding look based on how they wear their make-up everyday, whether it be more natural or filled with drama. However, there are a few tips that you'll want to make sure is included in every bridal make-up application.

Primer is a MUST for special event makeup. Not only does it even out the skin tone and ready the face for the make-up application, but it also helps keep foundation last longer.

Even if the client does not wear foundation regularly, it is needed to provide a healthy glow and evenness. As well keeping oily skin at bay. This is a must, since so many pictures will be taken during the occasion.

Under eye concealer will even out any shadows, even if the client does not have dark circles. It will also make their eyes pop, especially if they are going for a more natural look.

Mattifying Powder:
A must for oily skin types. However, this helps keep the skin shine free for even normal skin.

False Lashes:
This is something all brides should have on their wedding day! I know some of your more natural make-up clients will think of heavy, drama filled make-up when false lashes are mentioned, but they do not need to be worried! Even with a natural look, using more natural false lashes will enhance their eyes, and will not be the distraction they think.

False lashes are not only perfect for brides, but like other special occasions I mentioned, these will be a big request. For proms and sweet 16's, you will definitely have the younger girls wanting this incorporated in their make-up application.

Whether your needing more natural lashes, or more drama, we have a wide variety of false lashes, and also disposable makeup application tools and make-up brushes you will need for this busy time!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flocked Sponge meets Latex - New Wet/Dry Applicator Sponges

Flocked Sponges Create
A Velvety, Smooth Finish...
I love flocked sponges for applying make-up.  Something about the texture that helps to burnish liquid foundation into the skin, leaving a smooth and airbrushed appearance behind.  I also feel that it helps create lasting finish... make-up stays on all day because it has been well blended onto the skin.  So I was thrilled to try these new Wet/Dry Applicator Sponges  that deliver the best of both worlds; Teardrop shaped, double-sided applicator sponges with non-latex foam on one side and a fabulously flocked finish on the other. This economical sponge is perfect for applying liquid or powder foundation.  Two sponges are less than $1.50! The non-latex side is great for applying concealers and creamer foundations.  Teardrop shape is malleable and easy manipulate for flawless blending.

Wholesale to Professionals Only:  Click here to view Wet/Dry Applicator Sponges