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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More suds! Less mess!

Need a more cost effective, and stylish way to dispense soaps and lotions in your bathroom?

This Triple Wall Mount Pump Dispenser eliminates unsightly bottle clutter and keeps amenities within reach. It features a T-bar lever that makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of soap, anti-bacterial lotion, or moisturizer and a wide opening that makes refills fast, easy, and neat. Installs easily with adhesive strips and silicone glue (included). No drilling required. Durable, long-lasting materials won't rust or discolor. 15 oz. per dispenser.

Your clients will thank you, and so will your supply bill! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Gain the Upper Hand on the Competition with the Perfect Hand Soap!

Oftentimes, the first and last impression your clients have of your business occurs in one very particular room - the Restroom!  Clients notice all the little details and touches that you have put thought into, right down to the hand soap.

One of our fabulous clients in Washington State differentiates herself from the competition by offering French Lavender Liquid Hand Soap by EO Products.  She chose it not only for lovely scent, but also because it is a sulphate-free product formulated with a multitude of organic extracts.

Some other excellent brands to choose from for your clients are Kiss My Face, Pure & Basic, Jason and Nature's Gate.  If you are a fan of the stand-by originals, we also carry Lysol, Micrell, Method, GOJO, Dial and SoftSoap.

A personal favorite, due to scent, texture and overall aesthetic appeal are the hand soaps by Bathhouse Blends.  What products do you like to include in your restroom to add a special touch?