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Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Cut for a Cause... High End NY Stylist Mark Bustos Gives Back with Hair Cuts for the Homeless!

Mark Bustos is a hairstylist that works in the high end salon "Three Squares Studio" in Chelsea, NY. The price for his services range from $150-$800 depending on which services/treatments the client receives.

New York, New York, they say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. But for those down on their luck, it can be a ruthless city. So when a local does something purely out of the kindness of their hearts, it raises awareness.

Mark Bustos is using his role in the beauty industry to give back, whenever he can he goes out into the streets of New York to give free hair cuts to homeless men and women. He approaches each individual with the same way, telling them "I'd like to do something nice for you today."

Bustos got the idea after visiting family members in the Phillipines in 2012. During his visit he hosted an event where he gave free haircuts to under privileged children. "It made such a strong positive impact on me that I decided to bring it back home to NYC." says Bustos

Since then Bustos estimates to have cut over 50 homeless men and women's hair-and not just in New York, but also Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Los Angeles.  Bustos says he tries to cut people hair in visible places, to try to inspire people to use their own professions to give back to those who are less fortunate.

Bustos hopes that the haircuts give his homeless clients the inspiration to turn their lives around.

Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Haircutting Shears with Proper Care

As a hairdresser, your most important tools are your shears. Shears can be expensive, and having them sharpened to extend their life can be even more expensive. Proper daily and weekly care of your shears is important to maintain them, so you do not have to go through the expense of replacing your shears often.

That being said, what is the proper daily and weekly care for your shears? Shark Fin, a leading manufacturer of hair cutting shears, recommends oiling the shears daily with scissor or clipper oil, and oiling the pivot point weekly to remove any hair or product build-up that has collected during the week. In the video below, Shark Fin demonstrates how easy it is to maintain your shears!

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