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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Looking For A New Salon Look - How About A New Styling Station?

I'm not sure everyone gets as excited about furniture as I do, but just in case take a look at these awesome new styling stations we just added!

The Vilma Styling Station by KI NEW YORK has a great antique feel to it - definitely something that will be a conversation piece in your salon!

The NIKLAS POLISHED CHERRY STYLING STATION BY KI NEW YORK with clean lines and a rich cherry color is a great addition as well!

Both have great looks and functionality, with an incredible price point!

Whether you are looking to update your look or are just starting out, we can help you get the look you want! From reception items, artwork, styling chairs on through to your retail items you can get it all in one place!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

New and Innovative Hair Tool: 8 Second Curls!

This might be the coolest thing I've seen recently when it comes to hair styling tools. The FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Hair System takes a new approach to hot rollers. It has a heating base that is never hot too the touch, which allows you to avoid accidents and injuries. The rollers are heated one at a time instead of all at once and each roller only takes 8 seconds to heat up to 284 degrees!

The rollers are made of ceramic which evenly heats the hair, locks in style, and the ceramic technology conditions the hair with less damage than other materials. The rollers only remain hot for a designated amount of time which encourages longevity of the style but avoids excessive heat on the hair.

All you do is pop one into the heating base and in eight seconds the light goes off and the bell dings and the roller is ready!  The roller gradually gets hotter, which gives you enough time to work with it before it gets too hot to touch.

The cool thing about FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Hair System is that the sides of the roller will turn clear when the roller is hot at 284 degrees and will return to dark grey when the roller is cool. This system takes all the guesswork out of using hot rollers! With this system you can achieve tight ringlets, luscious curls, loose waves, or even seductively straight styles with tons of body.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Hair Color For The Fall!

Summer is almost over and the autumn months are coming.  Kids are going back to school and young adults are going away to college.  This is the time of the year where many of them want to show off their personal style by getting a new hair do or changing the color of their hair.  Some of them will want the traditional hair colors like red, burnette, blonde or black, while others will want to go crazy with color.  So why not have that available to them.  Jerome Russell's Punky Colors is your solution.  Let them go crazy with colors like:

Depending on the type and condition of hair the colors can last up to 40 washes.  My cousin was visiting for a couple weeks from California and she said before she went back to high school she was going to get her hair done.  She wanted pink streaks in her hair because it is something different.  This semi-permanent hair color would be perfect for her.  Nowadays, people want to stand out - so why not offer products that will stand out to your clients?  Jerome Russell Punky Colors is something fun and great to offer those clients who really want to show off their personality through their hair.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hair Stylists looking for Volunteers

Hair Stylists and Styling Schools, do you need volunteers to learn or teach different hair styling techniques? Seek no more. We've got plenty of manikin heads for you to use as subjects for cutting, styling and dying. You can chose from blondes, brunettes, black hair, both protein fiber hair and human hair. Besides manikin heads, we have plenty of other hair styling and dying products. Just visit Pure Spa Direct and check out everything we have to offer!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kiddie Capes to the Rescue

Not all your clients are the same shape and size, and while you can’t always accommodate everyone, the kiddies shouldn't always be the ones left out! Pure Spa Direct has several adorable inexpensive cutting capes, that will put a smile on all your younger clients!

Pure Spa Direct has a variety of inexpensive capes geared towards your younger clients. These capes will make any child feel just as comfortable and pampered as your adult clients and will make their trip to salon feel like a vacation instead of a punishment! Pure Spa Directs selection of Kiddie and Tween Capes offer the perfect cape for any salon. Welcoming your younger clients with a fun Kiddie Cape will certainly put a smile on their face and brighten up their day!

Making a child feel comfortable at a salon can sometimes be a little tricky, and having an uncomfortable child in a salon can make everyone else in the salon uncomfortable. This problem is 100% avoidable and would cost you less than $10.00! Choose one of Pure Spa Directs Kiddie or Tween Capes and get those kids smiling as soon as they walk in the door!

Pure Spa Direct has a variety of inexpensive capes geared towards the younger clients. These capes will make any child feel just as comfortable and pampered as your adult clients and will make their trip feel like a vacation as enjoyable! Pure Spa Directs selection of Kiddie and Tween Capes offer the perfect cape for any salon. Welcoming your younger clients with a fun Kiddie Cape will certainly put a smile on their face and brighten up their day!

Check out some of Pure Spa Directs most popular Kiddy Capes:

BETTY DAIN Lil’ Scoops Design Vinyl Kiddie Cape

Scalpmaster Vinyl Tropical Kiddie Cape

Scalpmaster Jam 'N Jellie Kiddie Cape

Expressions Tween Cape by SalonChic

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Put Your Flat Irons Up and Prepare For Battle!

We all get excited for the beautiful weather and all the other great things Summer brings, but our hair on the other hand, doesn't feel the same. The only thing the Summer weather brings our hair is humidity with a side of frizz. Well ladies, from now on, Summer will only bring good things for you and your hair through a Ceramic or Tourmaline Flat Iron! Issue of frizzy ugly hair, that has plagued us for years and years is finally over, after many dollars spent and countless product disappointments. Ceramic and Tourmaline Flat Irons have answered our prayers, and no you do not need to spend a fortune to get one! So tell your hair to relax, because the war against frizz is finally over, and we won!

After purchasing countless Flat Irons over the years, in search for one that actually does what it is supposed to, my search has finally ended, and my hair is frizz free, even in the humidity! Ceramic and Tourmaline Flat Irons have answered solved our life long battle with humidity and freeze. Not just any Flat Iron will give you the results you desire, so when choosing a Ceramic Flat Iron make sure you choose one that is ceramic throughout, and not just ceramic plated. A real Ceramic Flat iron will conduct heat better and more evenly. Ceramic plates penetrate the center of the hair shaft, allowing you to get the same results with less heat (and less damage). Tourmaline is so effective because it has properties that make it ideal for flat iron plates. It creates negative ions that help combat frizz, making this combination especially good for really difficult hair.

In order to win the war on frizz, it takes a little more then simply purchasing the right tools, you also need to know how to use your weapons! Here are some helpful hints so you can get the best results possible:
  • Never iron damp hair, hair should be completely dry before ironing. Moisture creates steam that is far too hot and can lead to burned hair.
  • Always use your Flat Iron on clean hair. Applying heat to hair that has products and dirt in it is doing nothing more than baking these old products and dirt in!
  • Clip your hair up and start with the hair at the nape of your neck. Comb the section thoroughly, and do small sections. The smaller the section, the more evenly the heat is applied and the fewer passes you will need to make. Start 1 inch from the root and make a slow, steady pass without stopping. When that section is done, take the next section (about 1 inch) out of the clip and repeat.
Check Pure Spa Direct's most popular Flat Irons to choose from! Some of our most popular ones are:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luxor Citrus Collection Brushes Really Stand Up to the Heat!

As a stylist, I am sure you understand the hell you put your brushes through - continuous use, exposure to chemicals and heat...are you constantly looking for a brush that will hold up to your busiest day, while performing like a dream? Well, look no further than the Luxor Citrus Brush Collection! These brushes have ergonomic handles to make handling a breeze, and the handles are made of beautiful orange wood - not because it looks pretty (although this is certainly a bonus!), but because orange wood is extremely resistant to chemical damage.

The Citrus Collection Brushes are available with your choice of wood or ceramic barrels, so there is a brush available for everyone! The ceramic barrels help evenly distribute heat and adds luster and shine to every strand of hair. These brushes feature tufts of boar bristles reinforced with a single, longer nylon bristle nestled in the center of each tuft. These nylon bristles penetrate the hair and massage the scalp, bringing the benefits of boar bristles to longer, thicker hair. These brushes grab my hair and allow me to artfully heat-style my hair, without ever getting tangled! I have other brushes, even some with boar/nylon bristles similar to this, but I always reach for my Citrus brushes!

Both the Wood Barrel and Ceramic Barrel Citrus brushes are available in Small (2"), Medium (2.5"), Large (2.75"), and X-Large (3.25"), so there is a Citrus brush available for all hair lengths and styles! We also offer an XXX-Large Vented Citrus brush which is a whopping 4.75" for those really long styles!

Your clients will love how you style their hair with the Citrus Collection brushes, so make sure to pick up some extras to retail, too!