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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Foiled Again!

"Foiled Again!"
Does that mean the evil cartoon character's efforts to take over the world failed?  Well maybe, but I'm talking about new cool professional hair foils from Product Club.  Rolls, pre-cut sheets, smooth & embossed, cool colors and more... Pow, Bam, @$%#, Wham!

Product Club offers the largest selection of haircoloring foil in the beauty industry. All of their foil has been developed with the colorist in mind. They offer many different sizes, weights, colors & packaging to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer pre-cut sheets or rolls, smooth or embossed, silver or colors, Product Club is the one-stop shop for all your foil needs!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Product Club For Your Fall Hair Coloring Needs!!

Here at Pure Spa Direct we are getting ready for the fall months of the year.  As the season changes your clients will want a change.  More specifically they will want to have highlights and different colors put into their hair.  So have the proper tools when your clients come in and prepare yourself for the oncoming stampede.  Product Club offers a highlighting cap that will help keep track of the areas you have already treated with its star grid pattern. For less than $0.35 per cap this is a great buy!    But, that's not the only item Product Club offers to assist you for your highlighting needs.  They offer vinyl and latex gloves, foils of different colors and sizes, mixing brushes and highlighting DVD's to help you develop different hair coloring techniques.  Be prepared, check your stock, then check out Pure Spa Direct for all of your salon needs.