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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Schlepping Around Your Manikin Heads Has Never Been Easier!

Manikin heads are not the easiest thing to carry around when your on the go. They also don't always fit in just any bag either, due to their shape and size. With this Sturdy, lightweight manikin tote, you can easily hold up to 6 full-size manikins!! What?! That's a big help when your juggling to carry a bunch of these things around. It's great for bringing them back and forth between home and school for practicing. This bag is perfect for students!

Also check out the our Manikin Heads here at Pure Spa to fill your new super, awesome tote! =)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Head & Hair Pattern Pencils for Graffiti & Barber Etching

This fun collection of 8 waterproof, sweat proof and non-permanent hair pattern pencils by GraffEtch.

Combine graffiti and barber etching with these pencils to pre-draw your design before etching them out, enhance hair designs with color, or to fill in hair lines, beards and create sharp angles. Fragrance-free, non-allergic formula is perfect for newly shaved, sensitive skin. Each 7" pencil contains a built-in sharpener.

Pack contains 8 different colors!  Professional Barbers & Hair Stylists, check out our GraffEtch Collections at today!