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Friday, October 14, 2011

Decoding Diopters: Understanding the Magnification Power of Your Mag Lamp

The process of looking for the perfect mag lamp can be a bit daunting and confusing due to the amount of options that are available:
  1. Square Head versus Round Head
  2. Rolling Stand versus Clamp Attachment
  3. Stand-alone Unit versus Multi-function Machine Attachment
  4. 3, 5 or 8 Diopter lens
While 3 of the 4 are based upon personal preference, understanding what the Diopter is essential to ensuring you purchase the best lamp for your needs. Below is the mathematical translation from diopter to magnification:
  • 3 Diopter = 1.75x Magnification Power
  • 5 Diopter = 2.25x Magnification Power
  • 8 Diopter = 3.00x Magnification Power
And here is the simpler way to understand Diopters:
  • 3 Diopter = Items look 1.75 times larger than normal
  • 5 Diopter = Items look 2.25 times larger than normal
  • 8 Diopter = Items look 3 times larger than normal

Typically, 5 Diopter Mag Lamps are the most popular, as they are a happy medium between the strong 8 Diopter and weaker 3 Diopter.

What type of Mag Lamp do you use? What do you like it about it?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let Your Light Shine with Ottlite! The "Best" in Lighting Technology!

I believe that OttLite says it all about their products with “Lighting systems are specially designed to help you do what you love even better, and love what you do even more.”

Whether you are a spa, salon, doctor’s office, or wellness center, the lighting of your space matters to everyone… for everything! For this reason we bring you OttLite, and OttLite brings you HD lighting indoors!

Major benefits of Ottlite Lighting Technology:
True HD light!
Reduces eyestrain caused by glare - therefore won't give you a headache!
Excellent for applying make-up, due to the true color!
See details accurately and clearly. Excellent for doing nails, facials etc.
Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient. Think Green! :)

I recently purchased the Pink Telescoping Lamp by OttLite for my office space, and I am loving it!! Check out the video below: You will be shocked at the noticeable difference an OttLite light provides...

OttLite offers a wide assortment of lamps for all purposes including Desk lamps, Cosmetic Mirrors, Floor lamps, and many more. Check out the entire selection here:

...and the bulbs last for 10,000 hours! Do you need an overhaul to the lighting in your space? For light truly does matter!