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Monday, September 25, 2017

Salvatos - Portable Foldable Packable Flip-Flops - AMAZING Retail for your Pedicure, Spa, Med-Spa or Salon Clients!

Salvatos Flip-Flop AnimationSalvatos are portable, foldable, packable flip flop with soft durable strap. Salvatos are proven to stay intact fold after fold. Each pair comes with a silicone pouch that fits in most any bag or purse! Compact and light weight. Good after a night out, high heels, as an extra shoe in your bag, after pedicure, gym, a must have when traveling. Salvatos flip-flops are made from high quality materials.

A retailable item your clients will be EXCITED to buy!

  • Eva sole
  • Rubber strap
  • Flip Flop Colors: choose a mix of up to 5 different colors
$14.99 per Pair for solid colors, $15.99 per Pair for two tones

Salvatos Flip-Flop Display SIZES:
Each case pack of 20 comes with:
  • (5) Small (6-6.5 US / 36-37 Europe)
  • (10) Medium (7.5-8.5 US / 38-39 Europe)
  • (5) Large (9-9.5 US / 40-41 Europe)
Salvatos have been tested in a lab, folded and stretched for more than 3,000 times to make sure they will never break. That's thanks to their unique structure and materials composition.

Salvatos are super comfortable flip flops and are recommended for use on a daily basis. Every day, all day. The sole is soft and durable, made of non toxic materials, and designed especially for running around the city.

Salvatos are made of high quality materials and unique structure, that allow them to fold easily and to return back into a straight position immediately after wearing them.

Salvatos fold into a small silicone case, that was designed for practical use. They weigh only 6.6 oz. (186 grams)! You can carry them around in your handbag and forget you even have them till the moment you need to be saved! Moreover they are very compact and can fit into almost any purse.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Super Cute / Fun - Spa Flip Flops

These fun Women's Classic Flip-Flops print designs feature a 1/2-inch thick PE sole with PVC straps. Each pair is individually-wrapped and has a retail hang tag. These are perfect for getting a pedi, walks along the beach or sitting poolside!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Zebras & Leopards & Flip-Flops! Oh My!

These flip-flops are awesome!! Who doesn't like Zebras and Leopards? Not this shipping guy! Yet again, another reason that girls have cooler things than guys... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Animal Print Flip-Flops HERE!